Search Marketing

Search Marketing

Search marketing involves utilizing search engines to market your product/business and ultimately to drive visitors to your website. Generally, this is a demand response method in which a prospective visitor is searching for something in a search engine, and if your website is well-optimized and/or you have an effective pay-per-click campaign in place, the user will see your website listing and click on that listing to go to your website. Effective search engine marketing campaigns usually consist of Organic Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Management.

Lucid Agency Experience in Search Engine Marketing
At Lucid Agency, we are a search marketing agency with a decade of experience. We have helped the Fortune 500 and start-ups. We’ve helped companies with products, those with services and those with a mission to fulfill. And while the objectives of a campaign often vary, our reverse engineered search engine strategy always gets the job done. We get rankings, we drive sales and we build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Return on Investment
A variety of marketing studies have shown search engine marketing to often produce the highest return on investment when compared with other forms of online marketing. While there is some truth in this (since it’s capturing the consumer’s interest when they are actively searching), we always recommend a balanced approach to online marketing, and have found that the best results are usually achieved when usability, search, strategy, and promotion are combined.

So is your website showing up for relevant searches? It’s not hard to find out. Try this exercise—do a search for something your target customer would search for and see if your website comes up near the top of Google or Bing. If so, great, you’re optimized for that keyword. If not, then you are not effectively optimized and probably need our help with Organic Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Management.

We have been providing the absolute highest performance in search engine marketing to our clients for years. Contact us to find out how we’ll get you optimized.


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