Have you ever gone online and noticed an advertisement for a different website you recently visited? Chances are you were retargeted. Retargeting is simply the tactic of tagging visitors on your site with an http cookie, then displaying your banner/text/rich media ad to those viewers when they are visiting another website at a different point in time.

Does retargeting really work?
The first reaction to a retargeting campaign is usually the “wow” factor when your site visitors begin to see your logo all across the internet. There are many intricate, smart, and successful applications for retargeting that can take your results to the next level. With that said, retargeting is not for every campaign, and often requires a minimum media budget of at least $1,000 to $2,000 per month (depending on the industry and your goals) to be effective. We often recommend this for our larger clients and have seen very compelling results when retargeting is used as a strategic component in an overall marketing campaign.

How does retargeting work?
Retargeting is actually fairly simple. The process diagram illustrates how it works:

Is retargeting right for your organization?

  • Do you have an online marketing budget of at least two thousand dollars per month?
  • Do you have at least a few thousand visitors to your website each month?
  • Do you sell a product or service with a longer consideration cycle or customer research process?
  • Are you concerned with continued branding for your business online?
  • Do you have significant online competitors?

If you answered “yes” to at least a few of the above questions, then it’s time to contact Lucid Agency to talk about including retargeting in your digital marketing campaign.

Lucid Agency is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, but we offer industry-leading retargeting services including strategy, creative, placement, tagging, coding, analysis, and reporting to clients all across the United States and Canada. Lucid has been providing top-quality retargeting solutions to our clients for nearly a decade, and we have countless campaign success stories to prove that retargeting campaigns are some of the most effective digital marketing campaigns possible, when implemented with the proper strategy and assets in place.

If you would like our current retargeting info packet with up-to-date pricing, simply contact us.


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