Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click or PPC management is the marketing of a website within the sponsored or “paid” search results in a search engine. Most often these results appear in a designated, and often light color or otherwise differentiated area, on the search results page. These areas are often on the top part of the page and in a column area on the right side of the page. Some search engines “syndicate” their results to a network of partner websites that will display these search ads within their websites as well.

Lucid Agency Experience in PPC Management Marketing
For the past decade we’ve developed and managed extremely sophisticated pay-per-click campaigns. We manage your campaigns to successfully attain your ultimate objective, whether that means a download, a video view, an order, a sign-up or a lead. We strive to always ensure a positive ROI so we keep a close hold of cost and measure return to make sure your paid search campaign is profitable.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, and company get hundreds of millions of searches. Each of those searches is an opportunity for your website to show up. Ask yourself:

  • Are you showing up for searches that are relevant to your product or service offering?
  • Are you marketing “smart” by using day-part bidding with hour constraints, geo targeted ads, real time bidding, strategic ad management and testing?
  • Are you getting the returns from your online marketing budget that you’ve heard of others getting?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s time to contact Lucid Agency.


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