Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization

The goal with SEO is to achieve a high position (often called “ranking”) for your website when someone does an online search for a keyword for which your website is optimized.

The SEO Agency of choice: How Lucid Agency Performs Organic Search Engine Optimization
We start from scratch; it’s the only way to achieve the best results. Some agencies will give you a standard plan or a quick once-over optimization service, but we’re not that kind of agency. We take the time to architect a strategic plan for you and carefully execute it to make sure you are going to get the best results possible. Here are our steps to organic search engine optimization success:

  1. We Research.We determine what keywords will drive the most traffic to your website. Then we look to see if you are already achieving traffic for these keywords.
  2. We recommend.We recommend the list of keywords to optimize your website.
  3. We create.We create a comprehensive organic search engine optimization plan, completely from scratch. We do it from scratch because we believe (and know from many years of client results) that the best search optimization is unique to every website.
  4. We implement.We will actually code the entire plan into your website for you, or deliver the plan to your developer for implementation if you prefer.
  5. We measure results.We provide you with reporting each month to show you the progress you are making. Our reports are easy to read, accurate, and have insightful recommendations and commentary.
  6. We enhance.Each month we look at the results to see what is working, and what is not. If there are additional opportunities for improvements, we make them. Search engines change their ranking algorithms each month, so we adjust your search engine optimization plan accordingly to maintain and improve your website’s ranking. Sometimes we need more content, sometimes we need technical changes to your website, sometimes we need off-page optimization and link building. Whatever it is that you need to achieve and keep high rankings, that’s what we do.

Lucid Agency is an award-winning digital marketing and SEO agency providing the best organic search engine optimization and much more to our clients. Not all SEO agencies are the same; we’ll show what you’ve been missing.

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