Optimized Press Releases

Optimized Press Releases

Optimized press releases are similar to traditional press releases but ready for web. When we submit your optimized press release online to a variety of press distribution portals, it will get picked up by normal media sources and also achieve a ranking for a particular keyword(s) that we have specified.

How does Lucid Agency “optimize” press releases?
We simply take a press release that your PR firm or your in-house PR person has created and optimize it for keywords, which are oriented with the topic of your press release and relevant to your business. We then write meta keywords and meta descriptions that complement and support the keywords. Finally, we’ll take the release, keywords, and meta information, and submit it to the appropriate press distribution source(s).

How do we know it works?
We’ll provide you with the exact results of your press release optimization so you can see how many people picked it up, how many people read it, and just how effective the optimization process is functioning.

If you have questions, or if it’s time to start an optimized press release campaign, then contact Lucid Agency.


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