Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations

Lucid Agency offers a variety of online public relations services to complement and enhance the traditional PR efforts of your organization. We often implement a mix of strategies including brand monitoring, online reputation management, and optimized press releases and we are happy to create a customized solution based on your business needs and objectives.

Lucid Agency has helped businesses and organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to establish, maintain, and even repair their brand reputations in the digital realm over the years and we have the experience, knowledge, and strategic creativity your company needs to make a name for itself online.

Take your PR efforts further. Let’s chat about your goals.

We develop a cohesive online brand monitoring plan based on your unique business and report the conversation back to you.

Bad press and mistakes can sometimes be incredibly hard to handle. We can help with brand issues and search results online.

Press releases are an integral part of marketing. We optimize them so they rank higher and are easily distributed online.


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