Online Brand Monitoring

Online Brand Monitoring

You’ve spent considerable effort to build and promote your brand both offline and now online. But what are people saying about your business in the digital realm? With a medium that can often change 140 characters at a time, on a second-by-second basis, it’s extremely difficult to keep a continual pulse on your brand reputation online. That’s where Lucid Agency’s online brand monitoring expertise comes to the rescue.

How does Lucid Agency monitor your brand online?
First, we locate where your customers are talking about you online. Then we implement a system to monitor this situation, whether that be in the blogosphere, on forums, and/or on Twitter and Facebook. Each tracking and measuring solution is different, based on where your customers are and what is the best way to gauge their online conversation. Get in touch with us and we’ll develop a cohesive online brand monitoring plan and report the conversation about your brand to you. We’ll make it easy, guaranteed.

If you have questions, or if you want to measure your brand’s presence online, then it’s time to contact Lucid Agency.


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