Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

In our digital world, smartphones have overtaken the traditional cell phone in popularity because they allow users to keep in touch with family more easily, book movie tickets faster, find a great restaurant, check stock prices, see what friends are up to on Facebook, and do literally millions of other things. The challenge for any business is to adapt to this new opportunity and connect with their target consumers in the mobile space—this defines the core of successful mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Tactics
Mobile marketing can be deployed in a variety of methods, ranging from SMS marketing, custom apps, text campaigns, and mobile banner ads. Lucid works with our clients to discover the audience, campaign objective, and mobile marketing methods that will captivate and engage their target customer to accomplish their goals. We believe each and every mobile marketing campaign should be specific, engaging, and have a unique and clear purpose. Customers can sense if you are trying to “sell them something” rather than engage in a meaningful way, so we work with you to ensure authenticity in your mobile campaigns.

Types of Mobile Marketing
We offer services in the following tactics (and newest mobile marketing services, even if we haven’t updated our website to talk about it yet):

  • Text/SMS Marketing
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • Mobile Apps Integration
  • Mobile Banner Campaigns
  • Mobile Sponsorships & Newsletters

Why Lucid?
We’ve been executing smart mobile marketing campaigns with incredible success for a variety of clients across multiple industries. We always perform comprehensive planning in any mobile marketing campaign to make sure budgets are spent in the most effective way for each client’s mobile marketing project. Lucid Agency mobile marketing campaigns receive additional benefits with our second-to-none reporting, so you’ll always know exactly what your results are and what they mean.

If you’re interested in learning more about how mobile marketing can benefit your business, contact us today!


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