Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Have you noticed the variety of banners at the top, sides, or bottom of websites you’ve visited? Or, have you ever browsed a webpage and noticed an advertisement for another website you recently visited? These are examples of display advertisements, and they’re very effective for a number of companies looking to increase website traffic and visibility. Display advertising services include banner ads and retargeting efforts, which Lucid Agency can employ to benefit your business.

Display advertising is one of the biggest factors of many successful marketing campaigns. There are countless smart and successful applications for the diverse facets of display advertising services, like retargeting and banner ads, that we use to ensure the success of our efforts. With that said, display advertising is not for every campaign—largely because of the cost. For example, retargeting requires a minimum media budget of at least $1,000 a month in order to be effective. For this reason, retargeting and some other aspects of display advertising are best reserved for clients with larger budgets. When used as a strategic component in an overall marketing campaign, display advertising can be a worthwhile investment.

Is Display Advertising Right For Your Business?
Display advertising may fit into your overall marketing mix if:

  • You have an online marketing budget of at least one thousand dollars per month.
  • You are concerned with continued branding for your business online.
  • You have significant online competitors.

If you answered yes to these questions, then now’s a great time to contact Lucid Agency to talk about a display advertising services.


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