Content Marketing

Content Marketing

If you’re looking to maintain customer relationships, establish industry leadership, reach a new audience, or shift perception around a new or evolving product, content marketing might be the right solution. Content marketing services are a new cross-breed of the more traditional lead generation methods like white paper distribution, sales webcasts, and lead generation specific campaigns.

Our process methodology is simple:

  1. We work with you to define the content strategy campaign objectives. Typically we will work with you to establish an objective such as, “We want to establish ourselves as XXXX with our audience of XXXX and want them to follow us, engage with our materials, and ultimately become a sales channel lead.”
  2. We develop a content strategy plan. This is the campaign marketing plan that defines the audience you are trying to reach, how we will reach them, what content we will deliver for them to engage with, what period we will deliver it, and what metrics we will track that are important for evaluation of the campaign’s success. We will work with your team to develop concepts of the main content pieces we will need to deliver over the course of the campaign, both in format and topic. For example, if we are trying to showcase expertise in one area, we may recommend a “how-to guide,” a “top 10 things to consider when…” list, a case study, a whitepaper, or an infographic.
  3. We set up and launch the campaign. First, we set up all accounts necessary to distribute the content (with your team, or we can establish accounts and then send you the logins to keep for later) and set up all analytics and metric tracking systems to track the results of the campaign. We want to make sure we’re able to track all the results (impressions, engagement, views, leads, sales—whatever metrics we’re looking at as success indicators). Then we conduct extensive research before creating the content pieces. We make sure the content is done ahead of schedule, so we have time to adjust or update any content piece prior to distribution.
  4. We distribute, engage, and track results. We then follow our distribution plan and strategically place the content out across the channels we’ve identified with and for your team. Often this means posting a case study on your website or blog, then letting your audience know about it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, industry publications, and more. Or, maybe it means sending out an email announcement for a registration for an exclusive piece of content. Regardless of what we’re distributing and where it’s going, we are always tracking the results so we can analyze what is working well, and what is not—to adjust the forward strategy of the campaign.
  5. We analyze results, develop strategy for improvement, report to you, and discuss. We believe in testing for improvement. It’s our job to let you know how well your campaign is working, what we’re finding, and data-driven enhancements to perfect it. We’ll report to you each month and discuss our findings and recommendations with you before implementing the adjustments to the campaign. Then we start the monthly process again—distribute more content, engage your audience, track the results, analyze, report, and discuss again.

Want to talk to us about an idea you have for content marketing? Give us a call or shoot us an email to unravel your content needs.


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