Televerde My Account

Televerde My Account

In-depth user experience testing and extensive planning leads to success for Televerde’s My Account client portal.

Televerde challenged Lucid to create a new My Account dashboard that was functional, easy to navigate, visually appealing, and cohesive with their brand.


For years, Lucid Agency has served as Televerde’s trusted digital marketing partner. In fact, we recently rebuilt their public-facing website, but that’s a tale for a different day. Today, we will talk about Televerde’s My Account portal, one of our most fun and challenging projects for this client to-date.

Televerde is a national firm that helps companies around the world generate demand and accelerate sales. Experienced Televerde sales agents develop a lead pipeline for clients and nurture customers to eventual conversion. The nexus of this agent/customer relationship is the My Account dashboard, which Televerde sales agents use to input prospects, report interactions with these prospects, deliver reports, and more.

The existing My Account dashboard presented significant challenges for Televerde employees and customers:

  • The entire platform was built on Silverlight, a technology that its creator (Microsoft) no longer supports. This meant that many customers could not log in to the system.
  • Televerde’s clients did not understand the purpose of existing application tabs.
  • Televerde agents did not trust the application data, due to technical shortcomings.
  • Televerde’s clients were accustomed to feature-rich CRMs such as Salesforce.
  • A broken notification system.

Clearly, the application needed to be reimagined. Lucid Agency has worked on several intranet dashboard projects in the past, including projects for the ASU Marketing Department and PetSmart, but the My Account project was a little different. Though My Account was an “intranet” of sorts, it would actually be client-facing, not internal. Stakes were high to create something that not only functioned perfectly, but also looked great and adhered to Televerde’s new brand standards.

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First, we needed a comprehensive understanding of My Account. We went straight to the experts: Televerde employees. We performed in-depth interviews with multiple employees, each of whom used the My Account portal for a different purpose. Our interviews covered strategic considerations, such as pain points and common day-to-day interactions. We also discussed technical considerations such as integration requirements, device usage, and support capabilities.

Next, we sent a survey to over 120 current My Account end users (Televerde clients), to gauge their experience with the current system

The customer survey responses and employee interviews gave us a solid understanding of the current state. This data also served as the basis for design decisions throughout the project.

We conducted extensive research with users to identify key issues and improve My Account’s capabilities.


In our requirements and strategy document, we clarified some mistaken assumptions and analyzed the biggest problems plaguing the existing portal.

Here, we also established a launch plan. While we designed My Account, Televerde’s team would simultaneously work on new client tools. The My Account portal was intended to serve as the launchpad for all these client tools. Some would be behind a paywall, some would be free. Some would be ready next week, some wouldn’t be ready for months. Our careful analysis led us to a detailed strategy plan that described which areas of the My Account portal would be part of the internal application, which would be external, and how each tool would interact. We determined that the best approach would be a scalable pattern library that we could replicate across multiple tools to create a cohesive, on-brand design.


In our view, the homepage would be our best opportunity to make a splash with customers. To improve the “stickiness” of the application, we designed the dashboard as a one-stop-shop. Here, clients could access recent leads, performance reports, and their account manager’s contact information:


Next, we tackled the lead pipeline. The current My Account dashboard stored lead data in three separate tabs: “understand,” “pipeline,” and “map.”

Data from our survey and traffic analysis indicated that customers frequently accessed the “Pipeline” tab, and rarely used any other section of My Account. In fact, several survey respondents reported that they did not even understand the purpose of the other tabs in My Account.

We chose to merge these three tabs into a single section with the industry-standard term, “lead pipeline.” The confusing “understand” tab was to originally built to allow users to parse their leads into categories. This would allow them to spot patterns and plan a communication strategy. To accomplish this goal, we instead designed robust filters and sorting abilities. With these, users could parse to their heart’s content in an intuitive interface, without leaving the lead pipeline page.

On the Lead Pipeline, and throughout all sections of the redesign, the UX team drove towards:

  • Consolidation
  • Streamlining
  • Giving the user choice

We opted for a more traditional layout (a table) as the default view for the lead pipeline, rather than lead cards. We knew that a table would resonate with the 80% of Televerde’s customer base that use another table-based CRM such as Salesforce, daily. However, our design gives the user flexibility. A user has the power to choose how she’d like to see her data, whether as traditional lead cards, on a map, or in the default table view.


The expertise and dedication of the account team is Televerde’s core differentiator. Televerde’s account managers love when clients look to them as trusted partners. To this end, Televerde built the “campaign files” section of the existing My Account portal to serve as a collaboration tool. However, our data showed that the “campaign files” section of My Account received little to no traction.

To fix this, we renamed the tab “collaborate,” which we felt would capture the intended spirit of this function. We suggested the addition of a catchall email address. A customer could email the catchall email address with attachments in order to link any supporting documents directly into the relevant campaign in the My Account dashboard. This would solve a few problems for Televerde customers. It would allow them to:

  • Eliminate the need to find credentials and login multiple times a day
  • Keep their Televerde account manager in the loop
  • Consolidate all materials into a single place, so there would be no need to dig through far-flung files.

As with all other aspects of this portal, we were sure to allow the user to choose their preferred display for these files.


Finally, our designer skinned the entire portal with the new Televerde branding. He included interaction animations and subtle design effects, such as active-state treatments. These recommendations not only added visual interest, but also functionality. Because the wireframes were specifically designed to simplify and consolidate multiple functionalities into easily repeatable patterns, our designer effectively branded the entire app in only a few hours. A well-formed strategy saves hours of work when it comes time to execute design or development. These design files defined a style for repeatable elements such as tables, menus, tabs, and sorting. Together, all of these patterns form a pattern library. The patterns will be replicated across multiple tools to create a cohesive on-brand look across all of the tools in Televerde’s customer toolkit.

(Left) The Lucid design team built wireframes to provide a visual representation of the new My Account esthetic and function. (Right) The wireframes were skinned with the new branding to ensure a cohesive look and feel.


Lucid Agency never backs down from a challenge, and that’s exactly what the Televerde My Account project was – a challenge. The number of moving parts, stakeholders, and unknowns swirling around this project at the outset was frankly overwhelming. Lucid Agency knew were really going to have to dig in and answer some big strategy questions upfront if we were to have any hope of understanding—let alone fixing—this seemingly complex dashboard.

While this dashboard hasn’t launched yet, we think the results speak for themselves. Check out the difference, below:

The final design took something that was complicated in every sense and boiled it down into something that will be incredibly simple for Televerde’s customers.

(Left) The old My Account dashboard lacked efficiency and style. (Right) The new My Account dashboard, created by Lucid, reflects the simplicity, style and quality that Televerde stands for.

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