Take Charge America

Take Charge America

A non-profit needed to increase their leads and lower their cost-per-conversion while saving money at the same time. Good thing Lucid Agency was up for the challenge! We saved them a chunk of change with a custom strategy and a little creativity…


Take Charge America (TCA) is a Nonprofit Financial Education institution that assists a wide range of families and individuals with education and resources to improve their financial health. TCA contacted Lucid Agency with the challenge to increase their leads while saving them money at the same time. This might sound daunting, but Lucid Agency is always up for some creative problem-solving, so – challenge accepted!



Percent Conversion Rate Increase


Percent Cost Per Lead Decrease


Percent Lead Volume Increase


Million Dollars in Annual Budget Saved


The first step in making a successful custom strategy is research: we conducted an in-depth audit of the TCA website and content with a special focus on SEO optimization. We analyzed what was going well and what could be improved and even researched the industry and competition to develop a complete picture.


After performing the audit, we analyzed the user experience for both mobile and desktop and created an organic search report before completely revamping the conversion process. We then implemented our strategy to automatically adjust bids to either increase or decrease during high or low engagement periods of the day, adjusted bids daily for more in-depth campaigns, and restructured their budgets to cut waste with the focus on obtaining more conversions at a lower cost-per-conversion.


The results? In the first six months with TCA, we increased the conversion rate 75%, decreased the CPL 34%, increased the lead volume 51%, and saved the client over $200K in media. We could bask in the glow of this accomplishment, but we always work to improve and refine our strategies, so the results continue to improve month over month. To date we have increased the conversion rate 130%, decreased the CPL by 50% and have saved Take Charge America over 1.2 million dollars!

Lucid Agency is excited to have saved TCA money while improving their results and we are looking forward to making more gains for them going forward. If you have questions about how to make the most of your budget and maximize your conversions, just call us at 480.219.7257 or visit our website to see more of our work.

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