Lucid Agency worked with PetSmart’s corporate communications team to develop a new vision for information sharing, internal collaboration and communication.

Lucid created this new, modern looking intranet to streamline and enhance PetSmart employees' experience.


PetSmart® turned to Lucid Agency when they needed help with their corporate intranet. PetSmart wanted to represent the modern aesthetic and user-friendly attitude they embody across the world-class enterprise. Lucid wanted to make their vision a reality by sprucing up the architecture and user experience.

Lucid Agency met with PetSmart stakeholders across multiple departments to gather background information and determine why the current system wasn’t meeting their needs. From there, Lucid created project requirements documentation and developed a strategy to completely redesign the architecture, enhance user experience, and complete a front-end redesign.

The major challenges this project included varied user requirements and permission levels, a massive data architecture with millions of legacy documents, and the need for a lightweight, modern design that would scale properly on a variety of device types, from mobile phones to laptops and monitors, and across varied internet connection speeds.

After developing the creative, technical and functional requirements for the project, and conducting key stakeholder and group interviews, Lucid performed an architecture and content design process. The outcome was a new architecture schema and sitemap for the entire system. From there, we developed a new brand personality and logo, while working on the wireframes for the intranet. The Lucid team worked closely in tandem with stakeholder focus groups to garner feedback as we designed and iterated until the result was just right.

Logo Design

Additionally, our designer created a series of “playful” on-brand logos for the client to choose from. The new logo was designed to get Fetch’s user base energized about the site refresh. Guess which one the client picked!

We collaborated with their internal team to create a web app format all employees could navigate without extensive training, previous knowledge, or experience. The existing platform was tricky to use on multiple devices, wasn’t user-friendly, and needed a categorizing function. Valuable information was siloed and inaccessible. Removing these barriers was an essential part of this project so all intranet users would have access to the same information. This greatly enhanced their user experience and helped them perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Wireframes, like this one, help to create a visual representation of what the new site will look like. They also allow for the easy reorganization of content patterns and ensure a streamlined, intuitive format.





Unique User Groups

Which would you rather use? The picture on the left is the original intranet, while the picture on the right is the new and improved design created by Lucid.

The Results

PetSmart was impressed by the crisp, clean revamped design and thrilled to have a modern system design that is organized and accessible to all users. A senior Microsoft team commented that it is one of the best SharePoint intranet designs they have seen.

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