Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Since 2015, we have been a trusted partner of Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB was founded in 1912 to advance trust between buyers and sellers in an increasingly difficult-to-navigate business marketplace. BBB is comprised of 103 regional organizations throughout North America (local BBBs), which are supported by the National Organization – the International Association of BBBs (IABBB). IABBB came to us to help them identify the root cause of declining site traffic and develop a strategy to reverse this trend.


IABBB brought us a number of high priority issues related to the steady decline in total traffic, particularly from organic search and low return. We started by performing a comprehensive analysis and distilled our findings into six main issues:


1. Site Architecture & URL Structure
2. User Experience (UX)
3. Content Strategy & Duplicate Content Issues
4. Bad Link & Poor Link Quality Issues
5. Country Domains, Localization & Language Support
6. Brand Awareness


We recommended a strategy in which the IABBB would consolidate 103 unique websites in to a single North American website, with localization and unique content to support each Local BBB. By leveraging a specific search engine optimization (SEO) and click through rate (CTR) strategy, we would increase organic search traffic. To modernize the brand and increase consumer usage, we incorporated a user experience focused design, technology integrations, data quality, and updated content strategy.

We worked with IABBB to revitalize this 100+ year-old brand by modernizing digital touchpoints, streamlining experiences, and creating an organically optimized website that would make BBB more relevant to a younger generation as well as the current use base.

BBB Stats


percent increase in sessions


percent increase in users


percent increase in pageviews


percent increase in unique pageviews


At the start of the project, traffic to had dipped to an all-time low, with an average monthly unique visitor total that was roughly 50% lower than their previous high point. The consolidation plan and staged roll out of the new site ran from late 2017 to mid-2018. By August of 2018 we saw a year-over-year increase in sessions (up 33%), users (up 35%), pageviews (up 53%) and unique pageviews (up 30%). Additional metrics illuminate further successes such as the increase of repeat visitors and dramatically increased ad impressions and pages indexed. Traffic continues to increase as consolidation efforts continue and new sections of the website are released.