Hello again, GMAC!

We loved GMAC 2016 and hope you did, too! The conference this past June was packed with tons of marketing tips, tricks, and insights for the higher education industry. If we didn’t get a chance to say “hello” in person, we’re Lucid Agency (it’s a pleasure!). Using equal parts design, strategy, and technology, our team designs digital experiences to change the way current and potential students interact with universities.

We’re sure you walked away from GMAC with a wealth of new strategies and ideas for the 2016/17 school year. If you want to implement positive changes into your university’s marketing plan but want to start with a few actionable, manageable tasks, check out our video hosted by team members Ken and Michelle. We have three quick tips for higher education marketers and advertisers to make the most of your digital efforts.

If you have more questions, contact our team of experts!

Tip 1
Advertise in Asia and Africa.
Tip 2
Desktop > mobile site. Yes, still!
Tip 3
Build that microsite already.

Carve out a few hours this week to dig a little further into your data, placing special emphasis on your site usage geography, device preference, and drop off points. If you need any help or insight on your site analytics, we’re here to help. Remember: digital is not just about marketing. It’s the building block to transforming the way your students get to know your amazing brand.

Take a look at our case studies and see how we wow our clients each and every day. Or, peruse our services and see what Lucid Agency can mean to your current and future student body.

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