Day in the Life: Digital Marketing Intern

Learn what the internship experience at Lucid Agency is like from intern Molly.

Day in the Life: Digital Marketing Intern

Our “Day in the Life” series answers popular questions about how to start a career in digital marketing. This edition gives our followers an inside look at what it is like to be a digital marketing intern at Lucid Agency.


Oh, the dread and uncertainty that comes with applying to internships as a junior in college – I am far past it now.  I thought that getting a successful internship meant relocating to a new, unfamiliar city and working on one grueling summer-long project with a final presentation in hopes that I would be chosen for a position post-graduation. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a company in ASU’s backyard where I would work on several projects at once and build relationships that have lasted beyond the semester internship.

While no internship or intern is the same, I can confidently project that a future Lucid Intern will be given the same opportunities, advice, and level of respect that I have received in my seven months here. It is difficult to turn my daily time management sheet into one, clean summary of my internship experience, yet as I wrote that sentence I realized that is exactly what my job has entailed. I learned to put pieces together to see the big picture, to deliver results that require ten sets of hands and eyes, and to understand how repeated small actions are what build a strong reputation.

A day in the life as a digital marketing intern is constantly changing. Some days consisted of excluding inappropriate and spam websites from ad campaigns, and others I joined four different meetings where we worked as a team to create an overarching strategy for a new client. Some days there was time for a team lunch on Mill Ave. and others we only communicated through Slack while we worked diligently on reporting. I worked under two client accounts in the real estate industry and am on my way to becoming a digital marketing expert.

I met my first challenge on my very first day: logging in to our GoogleAds account with a massive hierarchy of campaigns. My first few weeks were spent training on the internal team operations, the clients’ current state and goals, and the tools we use to reach those goals. Soon I grew comfortable to make autonomous decisions and ask questions anytime I needed guidance. Lucid never made me feel like I was low on the totem pole; I made important contributions to the completion of real client projects and goals. I’m still in awe that you can find my ad copy all over Google.

I must thank the wonderful team I was directly a part of: Jackie, Taylor, and Matt are the cool, millennial coworkers everyone wishes they had. They taught me everything from how Facebook works to the art of conference call productivity. Every marketing topic I was once anxious to ask about is now something I could explain to a peer, or my mom. I will surely owe a portion of my future career success to them.

My advice to prospective interns is to arrive prepared to learn. Take notes, ask all the questions, and take your time early on.  Write down your meetings each day and be in the conference room a minute before they start. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for more – there is always work to be delegated and done.

Most agencies can say they run on coffee, have a collaborative Spotify playlist, and can trade their chairs for bouncy balls. Lucid stood out to me for having those, (and more tactics for workday survival), and the natural drive to complete a million tasks each day. Each person I’ve met in the office has a clear sense of humor, stark intelligence, and passion for what they do. I am lucky to have found such a great company to intern for and I promise I wasn’t given the desk with the view of A-Mountain for writing that!


If you’re ready to take the leap and launch your career, we want to meet you. We have a variety of open positions — including a Marketing Internship opening — and are looking for talented individuals who are ready to push the envelope.

Molly Powers
[email protected]

Molly is a Digital Marketing Intern at Lucid Agency. She is a student studying Marketing and Spanish in Barrett, the Honors College at ASU. In her free time, Molly goes to every concert she can and is practicing to be a better yogi.

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