Weekly Digital Roundup: APRIL 23 – APRIL 29

Weekly Digital Roundup: APRIL 23 – APRIL 29

Colleges Turn To Snapchat To Attract Prospective Students

  • According to DIGIDAY, Snapchat’s popularity among youngsters is no secret. The app has a nearly 70 percent reach among the 18-24 year old demographic, according to comScore, and universities and colleges are increasingly beginning to take note.
  • Many universities operate active Snapchat accounts, even enlisting current students to operate them and offer viewers glances at various aspects of campus life. Several have also started tapping into Snapchat features like geofilters, which are special graphic overlays that Snapchat makes available based on location.

“It was a no-brainer because it allows us to engage with them, shows them that we’re ahead of the curve as far as technology goes and also lets us promote ourselves subtly,” said Chris Snider, assistant professor at Drake’s journalism school.

  • Some schools like Purdue University and the University of Michigan frequently enlist students to run their own Snapchat accounts, giving prospective students a look at the dining hall or sports games. The idea is that students are the best way to recruit other students.

Google Analytics Secures All Website Traffic

  • According to Marketingland, Google alerted Analytics users on Wednesday that it will now be securing all traffic communication of websites using Google Analytics, whether the sites are using HTTPS or not.

For years we have followed our clients’ desires to secure their traffic or not, securing traffic for secure websites, and not for insecure ones. But with the increase in privacy related concerns we have made the decision to secure all communication to and from Google Analytics, protecting our clients, our client’s end users, and the broader internet,” the Analytics team wrote in an email to users.

  • Google notes that Analytics users might see some effects from this change. Because HTTPS-encrypted traffic can be slower than traffic that isn’t encrypted, Analytics may miss some short-visit traffic. The tracking pixel may have less of a chance to fire, “for example, if a user closes a page within 1 second of opening the page” when that traffic is encrypted. Another issue is that firewalls can block encrypted traffic, which means when users with a firewall visit your website, Analytics won’t be able to capture any of that visit information. The change is effective immediately, and there is no way to opt out of the HTTPS encryption.

YouTube Mobile App Gets Improved Redesign

  • According to Tech Times, YouTube wants to suggest videos users actually like as it rolled out an update to its iOS and Android apps, providing better recommendations for viewers and giving YouTube Mobile the much-needed visual tweaks on the home feed.
  • The new homepage of the YouTube app now sports a single feed of larger images with only little information, rather than a cluster of videos. Johanna Wright, Vice President of product management at YouTube, said in an interview that even if the app shows off fewer videos on the homepage, it can still make them more useful to users.
  • YouTube has likewise beefed up its recommendation algorithm, making suggestions more relevant to viewers. The new neural network-powered recommendation tools of YouTube Mobile take into account a wide array of data and content. Specifically, the tools consider users’ location, what videos they liked or disliked, what videos they watched before, what time it is, and what device they are presently using.
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