Weekly Digital News Roundup: Sept 4 – Sept 8

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Sept 4 – Sept 8

AdWords Callout Ad Extensions Roll Out, Offer More Text In Search Ads

  • According to Search Engine Land, Google announced the roll out of callouts, a new ad extension in AdWords that allows advertisers to show off unique offers and benefits of their sites, products and services with an additional line of text in their ads.
  • Advertisers can use callouts to promote free shipping, around-the-clock customer service and price matching. Callouts can also promote deals, sales and other special or seasonal offers that will help make an ad stand out — and increase click-through rates.
  • There are many similarities between callouts and sitelinks. The major difference, of course, is that callouts aren’t actual links. The benefit here is that a separate landing page isn’t required. That offers a lot of flexibility in messaging and means any size site should be able to take advantage of callouts.

Meet Apple’s New iPhone

  • According to LA Times, arriving Sept. 19, the new iPhone brings Apple in line with smartphones from Samsung, HTC and others while making a name for itself with powerful photo and video features. The iPhone 6 comes in two larger, faster and thinner varieties than previous iPhones, allowing for sleeker horizontal display of apps and better gameplay.
  • The smaller model has a 4.7-inch screen, a jump from the 4-inch screen on its predecessor, the iPhone 5S. It packs 38% more pixels onto the high-definition screen than the iPhone 5S, and comes in at 6.9 millimeters (about 0.25 inches) thick, about 0.7 mm less than the 5S.
  • A second model, with a 5.5-inch screen and 7.1-mm thickness (also about 0.25 inches), is called the iPhone 6 Plus. With its large size comes 185% more pixels than the iPhone 5S and a much more powerful battery. It can hold its charge for 14 hours of high-definition video playback, compared to 10 on the iPhone 5S and 12 on the smaller iPhone 6.

Make Your Video Public on Facebook and Learn How Many Views it Has

  • According to the LA Times, People who upload a video to Facebook and allow it to be played by anyone will be able to see how many times it has been viewed beginning Monday.
  • Many videos uploaded to Facebook have strict privacy settings that limit their access to friends or small groups. When people want to share videos with the public, they are more likely to turn to a place like YouTube. But Facebook has more active users globally than YouTube, and wider visibility of videos and the addition of viewership figures could make that more apparent to consumers and advertisers.
  • If Facebook does get people to use its video tools more often, it could eventually place advertising alongside the videos the same way YouTube already does for millions of videos. For now, Facebook plans to get people who watch videos from their smartphones and tablets to watch more by recommending content when a video ends.
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