Weekly Digital News Roundup: Sept 17 – Sept 21

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Sept 17 – Sept 21

How the Presidential Candidates’ Websites Rate on Guarding Privacy

  • According to The Wall Street Journal, websites for 17 of the 23 declared presidential candidates do not adequately protect the personal information of visitors, according to a review of their privacy policies by the Online Trust Alliance, a nonprofit industry-backed group. Many of the campaigns’ privacy policies say they may share information about supporters, donors and volunteers with outsiders. In a report, the group called that “alarming.”
  • Front-runners Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton were dinged for their stated willingness to share information. Mr. Trump’s website said it might share the information with “like-minded organizations.” Mrs. Clinton’s said it might share “with candidates, organizations, campaigns, groups or causes that we believe have similar political viewpoints.” Neither campaign responded to requests for comment.
  • Six candidates were lauded because they pledged in their privacy policies not to share personal information without users’ permission or a court order: Republicans Jeb Bush, Chris ChristieRick Santorum and Scott Walker; and Democrats Lincoln Chafee and Martin O’Malley. “We take security seriously and know how important it is to utilize every tool available to protect users,” a spokeswoman for Mr. Christie said. The other campaigns did not respond to requests for comment.

The tech behind how Volkswagen tricked emissions tests

  • According to the Washington Post, Volkswagen isn’t hiding from its emissions cheating scandal, which the company now says affects some 11 million diesel cars  But how exactly did the technology behind Volkswagen’s so-called defeat device actually work?
  • Regulators allege that Volkswagen installed software into its cars that allowed the autos to circumvent EPA tests. By measuring how long the engine was running, the vehicle’s speeds, and even seemingly esoteric factors, such as the position of the steering wheel and barometric pressure, Volkswagen vehicles could understand they were being tested and so adjusted their engine performance to pass the tests, according to the EPA.
  • At all other times, the EPA said — like when consumers were actually driving the cars — Volkswagen would use a different “road calibration” that increased emissions of nitrogen oxide, a component in urban smog, up to 40 times federal standards.

Fancred Video Lets Every Sports Fan Be A Live Commentator

  • According to the TechCrunch, Fancred, the social network for sports fans wants to move beyond pure social into media. Today it announced an update that lets fans post-Periscope style videos from the stadium or their couches. To this point, Fancred has been a social platform designed specifically for sports fans to talk about their favorite teams and pictures from the sporting events or fan gatherings. This announcement is attempting to advance the platform by adding a video component.
  • Fans tend to get most passionate during the game, and Fancred wants to capture that intensity and allow them to broadcast to fellow fans in the moment. Essentially, it lets every fan be a commentator, at least for a few moments. The videos are going to be five minutes or less. In fact, there is going to be a countdown clock built into the software. The idea is to get in, make your point, and get out.
  • The idea is that lots of fans are engaged in the game and on the platform, but they want an easier way to interact. Fancred eventually wants to be a media giant not unlike ESPN. To that end, they are also announcing a new real-time scores to the platform, which makes perfect sense, but has been missing up to this point.
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