Weekly Digital News Roundup: October 26-30

Weekly Digital News Roundup: October 26-30

FACEBOOK Q3 PREVIEW: A Huge Shift Of Ad Dollars Into Mobile

  • According to Business Insider, Facebook reports its Q3 2012 earnings later this week. This report is derived from 520 billion ad impressions for 282 clients in 190 for countries, from Q1 2011 through Q3 2012. The main findings are that the average cost-per-click (CPC) — the price advertisers pay when their ads perform — has declined by 40% in the most mature markets, like the U.S. Click-through rates (CTR) — which measure how well the ads performed — increased significantly.
  • The higher performance for lower prices seems to be a result of North American clients increasingly utilizing News Feed and Mobile ads (which also appear in the feed). The charts on the following pages describe that performance.

 Cost-per-click in the United States and Canada drops back to 2010 Levels

Click-through rates almost double in the U.S.

Marketers Deploy, Measure ‘Non-Promotional’ Content       

  • eMarketer reports that brands are looking to content marketing both to deepen engagement with their customers and prospects and to break through digital marketing’s clutter and audience indifference. With the rise of content marketing, some brands are now behaving like media companies, producing content across various media, including video, photography, infographics and articles. Nearly 87% of US brand and agency marketers polled in January 2012 by Outbrain said they created video for content marketing.
  • However, many brands find this shift of perspective difficult, since effective content marketing demands turning away from conventional self-promotion. The lack of overt promotion helps attract an audience to consume the content, share it, comment on it, and even create it.
  • In its report, eMarketer defines several factors that help brands create great content marketing. Best practices include creating value, telling a story, choosing the right channel and building traffic. But perhaps the key for generating great content is for brand marketers to put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

Twitter Launches “90% Accurate” Gender Targeting for Advertisers

  • According to WebProNews, the company has announced gender targeting, which it says human testers have found to be over 90% accurate, despite the fact that Twitter does not know for sure when users are male or female. “We’ve frequently heard from marketers that you’d like to be able to target your Promoted Products campaigns by gender,” says Twitter Revenue Product Manager April Underwood. “…we believe there’s value to having more contextual signals, including gender, so that messages reach the most relevant audience,” she adds. “Just as marketers don’t want their ads to reach people who aren’t interested in their message, people don’t want to see mistargeted ads.”
  • Twitter says it has “strong confidence” in the approach, and that marketers will find a variety of interesting uses for this kind of targeting, which now accompanies geo targeting, interest targeting and mobile targeting.


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