Weekly Digital News Roundup: October 1 – 5

Weekly Digital News Roundup: October 1 – 5

Twitter Rolls Out Promoted Tweets Surveys

  • According to AdWeek, Twitter wants Promoted Tweet advertisers to better understand the impact of their spend on the bids-based marketing platform, so it developed a product designed to measure recall, purchase intent, brand favorability and other traditional marketing metrics. It has been in beta for a few weeks and includes five major brands across industry sectors.
  • Dubbed Twitter Surveys, the product lets users fill out surveys within a tweet on both desktops and mobile devices, and will be expanded to other brands in early 2013. Marketers can split the survey groups into users who were served a Promoted Tweet versus those who were not. Only consumers within a brand’s targeting parameters will be served a Twitter survey.
  • In tests so far, response rates to the surveys have mirrored Twitter’s normal Promoted Tweet engagement rate of 1 to 3 percent. More specifically, the surveys could help advertisers better understand the impact of their mobile impressions and clicks—very much a growing part of Twitter’s monetization going forward. Whatever the device, Bain said, he suggested that social ads were evolving like older digital marketing channels such as search has in past years—from bid management to targeting to creative.

Facebook Lets U.S. Users Pay to Boost Visibility of Postings

  • Reuters reports that Facebook Inc is letting users in the United States pay a fee to boost the visibility of their postings on the social network, the company’s latest effort to look beyond advertisers for revenue. The promoted-posts-for-users feature, which Facebook began offering as a test on Wednesday to a limited number of its U.S. users, ensures that a comment or photo shared by a Facebook member gets prominent billing in their friends’ newsfeeds.
  • “When you promote a post – whether it’s wedding photos, a garage sale, or big news – you bump it higher in news feed so your friends and subscribers are more likely to notice it,” Facebook said in an announcement on its official blog on Wednesday. Facebook is considering a variety of prices. The current test price in the United States is $7, according to a Facebook spokesman.
  • The move marks Facebook’s latest effort to experiment with new ways to make money beyond advertising, which accounted for roughly 84 percent of the company’s revenue in the second quarter. Facebook also takes a 30 percent cut of purchases of virtual goods by users playing Zynga’s Farmville and other social games on its website. With Facebook’s revenue growth rate showing a sharp slowdown in recent quarters, many analysts and investors believe the company needs to find new ways to make money.

Page Quality, Local & Ranking Changes Top List of 65 Latest Google Search Updates

  • Google’s most recent installment of their search quality highlights is out, listing more than 65 changes to the search algorithm from August and September.
  • Most are decidedly minor, a few stand out, and a couple major changes we know about seem to be missing entirely. Specifically, there is nary a word about the exact match domain update Google warned of on September 27. This is because these changes “rolled out very recently, and their launch language was approved after the cutoff date where we were finalizing the blog post,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Watch. “We tweeted these changes and were also planning to include those launches in future updates.”
  • Among the changes: improved web ranking to determine what pages are relevant for queries containing locations, improvements to show more relevant local results, fewer results for some queries to show the most relevant results as quickly as possible, and a data refresh for the “Panda” high-quality sites algorithm. View the full list here.
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