Weekly Digital News Roundup: Oct 9 – Oct 13

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Oct 9 – Oct 13

ISIS Tactics Illustrate Social Media’s New Place In Modern War

  • According to TechCrunch, in the past year, ISIS has used social media and the web to control the narrative of the conflict in Iraq and Syria. And though it borrows some tactics from propagandists like Vladimir Putin, ISIS has also proven a macabre trailblazer.
  • In 2011, the year of the Arab Spring, we saw how the Web and social media could be used to push back against tyrants and organize protest and revolution. In 2014, we’re learning that this powerful tool, like all others, can be used to spread lies and misinformation as easily as it can spread the truth, and it can be used to suppress and discourage free speech just as it can be used to promote it.
  • For its “domestic” audience, ISIS uses propaganda to persuade recruits to join its fight by making jihad seem manly, cool and strong, posting highly produced, film-trailer-style promotional material. It has even posted pictures of terrorists with kittens and Nutella. So far, the propaganda looks to be succeeding. Content targeted at an international audience differs vastly. ISIS wants to scare frighten its enemies, both to deter counterattacks and to coerce conversions.

Google Targets Amazon with New Delivery Service

  • According to the LA Times, on Tuesday, Google began offering consumers a subscription costing $95 a year, or $10 a month, to receive free same-day deliveries from a wide range of shops — similar to the $99 Amazon Prime. People new to Google Express can try a subscription for three months or pay $4.99 per shipment.
  • Retailers participating in Google Express include Costco, Target, Smart & Final, Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and Toys R Us. The service is seen as a competitor to delivery subscriptions such as ShopRunner and Amazon Prime, and Google’s prices and speed aim to undercut both of them.
  • The service is available in Chicago, Boston and Washington in addition to New York and the Bay Area, where overnight and alcohol deliveries are also available. In Los Angeles, the service is limited to the Westside.

 Ronald McDonald House Celebrates 40th With #forRMHC Global Social Media Campaign

  • According to Marketing Land, celebrating its 40th birthday, the Ronald McDonald House is out with a series of videos that highlight the stories of those who have benefitted from the charity associated with the fast food brand. Through its various projects the organization supports sick children and their families as they undergo medical treatment.
  • The videos that were created by DDB Chicago will be released and promoted online with the hashtag #forRMHC across the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. People are encouraged to share their own stories using the hashtag as well.
  • Part of the campaign also urges people to “show your socks,” or simply to show support by snapping a picture while wearing red and white striped socks similar to what Ronald McDonald.
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