Weekly Digital News Roundup: Oct 23 – Oct 27

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Oct 23 – Oct 27

Retail industry’s Apple Pay rival has experienced a data breach

  • According to the Washington Post, the maker of digital payments system CurrentC, which is preparing to take on rival Apple Pay in checkout lines across the country next year, acknowledged Wednesday that its systems have been breached.
  • Hackers obtained the email addresses of some of CurrentC’s pilot users, according to the coalition of retailers developing the system, Merchant Customer Exchange, or MCX. MCX said no financial information was compromised. The mobile wallet app is currently only available to a limited number of pilot users.
  • The breach comes at a sensitive time for MCX, which is made up of some of the country’s largest retailers, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Walgreens. Earlier this week, MCX members CVS and Rite-Aid disabled their capability for accepting Apple Pay, which was launched by Apple last week. The move was widely seen as an effort to prevent Apple Pay from gaining traction.

Google Finally Releasing New “Pirate Update” To Fight Piracy

  • According to Search Engine Land, in August 2012, Google released what’s known as the Pirate Update, a system that penalized sites deemed to be violating copyright laws. Google is finally going to refresh that system to catch new offenders and release others that may have cleaned up their acts. Google announced the new Pirate Update— call it Pirate Update 2 — will come out next week, along with new ad and editorial formats it says may help stem piracy.
  • The Pirate Update works like a filter and Google processes all the sites it knows about through it. If it catches any deemed to be in violation, those receive a downgrade. Anyone caught by this filter is then stuck with a downgrade until the next time it is run, when, presumably if they’ve received fewer or no complaints, they might get back in Google’s good graces.
  • Other new features include new ad display in relation to queries where people might try to download movies from pirate sites, new sidebar displays for movies and musicians, and an update to Google’s Autocomplete feature, which suggests search terms as users type in the search box. Google says it will show fewer terms in Autocomplete when those terms produce search results that include a lot of websites with DMCA requests filed against them.

Taco Bell’s New Mobile App Breaks Into Top 25 Chart, After Social Media “Blackout” Stunt

  • According to Marketing Land, Taco Bell’s unusual move to go “dark” on its various social media accounts yesterday in order to push people to its new mobile app for ordering food appears to have been a big success. The app has skyrocketed to be the 22nd most downloaded app for iOS users in the United States, according to the App Annie app intelligence site.
  • Yesterday,Taco Bell seemingly closed its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Google+ and Twitter posting messages that included the hashtag, #OnlyInTheApp. How did that work out? Spectacularly well, it seems, from early download data that the App Annie service tracks.
  • You won’t find the app yet listed on the iTunes most popular free appschart. That chart seems to be updated on a weekly basis, so Taco Bell’s climb has likely yet to be reflected. However, you will find it on App Annie’s own top iOS free apps chart, where it currently is more popular at 22 than Google Maps (23), Spotify (24), Twitter (25) and Gmail (26).
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