Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 30-December 4

Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 30-December 4

  • Mashable reports that Cyber Monday sales increased by 30.3% from the year before, according to the latest data from IBM Smarter Commerce, which tracks online sales for 500 retailers in the U.S.
  • Mobile shopping exploded on Cyber Monday, with 18% of shoppers accessing retailer’s websites from a mobile device, an increase of more than 70% from the year before. The iPad proved to be the most popular mobile device for shopping, driving 7% of the day’s online shopping, followed by the iPhone, which accounted for 6.9%. Android devices were third, driving 4.5% of sales.
  • Overall, IBM found that the majority of consumers (58.1%) shopped from smartphones on Cyber Monday, while 41.9% shopped from tablets.  A separate study from comScore found that Black Friday online sales topped $1 billion this year for the first time ever.

 Facebook Tests New Features, Expands Ad Tracking Program

  • According to Cnet, Facebook just expanded a new ad-tracking program known as “View Tags,” which lets advertisers use cookies to see who’s viewing their ads. Advertisers can drop the necessary code into their Marketplace ads and Premium self-service ads to enable the tracking. Facebook “quietly” started testing the View Tags program a year ago with a select group of advertisers, according to TechCrunch.
  • View Tags is certainly a boon to advertisers. Using cookies to track a user’s reaction to an ad is more effective than tracking clicks as advertisers can then tell if the person actually buys the product.
  • But what about users concerned over their privacy? Advertisers using View Tags must be audited to make sure their code doesn’t capture any personal information about the user. As always, Facebook is caught between the need to drag in more ad revenue while trying not to violate the privacy of its users. But clearly View Tags can help advertisers and thereby Facebook get more bang for the buck.

Want Tumblr Analytics? It Will Cost You

  • Mashable reports that for the first time, brands and marketers have access to an analytics dashboard for Tumblr: Partner Union Metrics, which Tumblr named its first “preferred” analytics provider in October, has now made its product available to the public after a beta testing period with 150 companies. Union Metrics allows users to access sharing data on individual blogs and topics, as well as identify popular contributors, curators and trends.
  • Such data is costly, however: Access to the company’s dashboard begins at $500 per month. At that price, customers can create five user accounts to track one topic and 10 blogs. A $999-a-month plan enables tracking of up to 10 topics and 20 blogs. For comparison’s sake, access to Union Metrics’ Twitter-tracking tool begins at $84/month.
  • Marketers have long been asking Tumblr for an analytics platform, and many have expressed willingness to pay for it. Whether non-agencies are willing to pay for it at this price is another question.


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