Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 23-27

Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 23-27

dfonic: Apple Now Has 37% of All Mobile Ad Impressions; Samsung in Second in Largely Fragmented Market

  • According to TechCrunch, mobile ad network Adfonic says that Apple in Q3 accounted for 37% of all mobile ad impressions on its network, with Samsung the second-most popular at 24%, and the rest trailing some ways behind.
  • It will be interesting to see what happens in Q4: In its AdMetrics report, Adfonic notes that Apple increased its lead over Samsung by three percentage points without much impact from the iPhone 5, which only hit the market at the end of the period. So one way of charting iPhone 5 popularity will be to see what kind of an impact it has on Apple’s ranking in the current Q4 quarter. But at the same time, Adfonic’s CEO points out that Samsung, too, is rolling out new devices that may also raise its share.
  • Apple and Samsung were the only two to see their shares of ad impressions increase compared to Q2 — yet another sign, if one was needed, at how these two have continued to become the two to beat in the market.

IAB Updates Mobile Metrics, Aims for Uniform Standards

  • Online Media Daily reports that the Interactive Advertising Bureau on Monday released updated guidelines for measuring mobile Web advertising in conjunction with the Mobile Marketing Association and the Media Rating Council. The new guidelines require client-side counting for mobile Web ad impressions to increase consistency with computer-based ad measurement and help to reduce discrepancies in mobile impression counts.
  • The proposed rules, which the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence also worked on, highlight the importance of “viewable impressions,” although not yet requiring them for the mobile Web. The Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative is moving toward a standard for counting exposures online in which a viewable impression is defined as at least 50% visible to the user for at least 1 second.
  • The IAB today separately released SafeFrame 1.0, a set of technical specifications that allow advertisers to measure whether an impression is viewable. The trade group said the SafeFrame specifications would be critical for phasing in the 3MS standards. The MMA issued a study in August recommending that mobile should make up 7% of ad budgets, up from 1% now.

Amazon Offers ‘Amazon Pages’ For Brands to Customize With Their Own URLs, and ‘Amazon Posts’ For Social Media Marketing

  • According to TechCrunch, just in time for the holiday shopping blitz, it looks like Amazon is opening a new chapter in its role as an online marketplace for third-parties to sell their goods. The company is quietly pushing a service called Amazon Pages, which lets companies set up their own pages on Amazon.com as “custom destinations,” complete with www.amazon.com/brandname URLs and dynamic designs with large photos and social media links. It is also offering Amazon Posts for companies to market themselves across Amazon and Facebook, and Amazon Analytics to measure how well all of the above is working.
  • The bigger effort around pages, meanwhile, gives Amazon a significant leg up in its positioning brands and smaller businesses that might potentially look to Amazon as a way of running their full online operation, in place of their own standalone websites.
  • Finally, the analytics piece plays on Amazon’s position as a big data powerhouse in its own right: here the company is offering a dashboard for companies to monitor how well their Pages and Posts are performing, covering areas like reach, view and purchase lift, to help “demystify the impact of social marketing,” according to the company.
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