Weekly Digital News Roundup: Nov 6 – Nov 10

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Nov 6 – Nov 10

Verizon Just Made Up a Holiday, Connection Day!

  • According to the The Washington Post, Verizon announced that it will be handing out free gifts to the data-hungry on the day before Thanksgiving, aka one of the biggest travel days of the year, called Connection Day.
  • Verizon will give stuff like free access to magazines, movies and TV shows as well as free airport and inflight WiFi regardless of a customer’s wireless provider. For its own “More Everything” customers, Verizon will give them an extra perk: a free gig of data, plus an additional 1GB of data for the next billing cycle.
  • The only catch, really is that you will have to sign up via Verizon’s Connection Day Web site to get the free stuff. Verizon definitely gets something out of this: visibility, plus your e-mail address.

Twitter: Renewed Focus On SEO Generated 10 Times More Visitors

  • According to theSearch Engine Land, do you think social media has killed search as a traffic driver? Think again, given that social media giant Twitter shared today that SEO has helped it generate a 10-times increase in logged-out visitors to its web site.
  • The news came during the Twitter Analyst Dayevent today. Twitter’s director of product management Trevor O’Brien said the company made a change earlier this year to ensure that search engines like Google and Bing could better access 50,000 popular hashtag pages — pages where Twitter has compiled tweets and information relating to a particular hashtag.
  • Twitter says making this change increased the number of logged-out users coming to its site by 10-fold, apparently raising the number from 7.5 million per month to the current 75 million per month. For logged-out users, the main call-to-action on these pages is to encourage them to sign-up for Twitter. However, Twitter is exploring other ideas on how to make money off these pages.

Apple iPhones and iPads Vulnerable to Fake App Attack

  • According to the LA Times, cybersecurity researchers have discovered a bug in Apple’s iOS that enables hackers to install fake applications on the iPhone and the iPad and steal sensitive data. All apps can be replaced with fake ones, except for pre-installed apps such as Safari.
  • The malware replaces a legitimate application by tricking users into installing it, such as receiving a message notifying you to download the “latest version” of a popular app. The fake app downloads automatically when the user opens a text message, email or a link.
  • Once the fake app is downloaded, it secretly uploads the user’s email to the hacker’s server. The victim’s phone then receives another text message, which then gives the hacker access to all text message content, including the telephone numbers for any calls made to or from the iPhone.
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