Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 3-7

Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 3-7

Instagram Has A New Tagging Feature It Believes Will Be Huge For Brands

  • This week, according to Business Insider, Instagram introduced ‘Photos of You,’ a new way for users to tag people, businesses, and products in photos. The feature seems similar to “tagging” Facebook photos. And it presents a new opportunity for brands to engage users of the social network.
  • With Photos of You, any Instagram user can add (or, tag) any Instagram account to their photos. An individual can now tag their photos with any other Instagram user, product, or the accounts of businesses. And a business can do the same. For example: now, when Nike posts a photo of an athlete to its Instagram account, it can tag the photo so that the athlete can also add the photo to his or her stream. This engages Nike’s followers as well as any followers of that athlete, increasing the overall number of views of the photo.
  • Brands (and anyone, for that matter) can curate the photos tagged with their name, choosing which to showcase on their profile. This adds a new level of consumer reach — the feature aims to compel users to interact directly with the brands and businesses they follow.

The Top Five SEO Mistakes According to Matt Cutts

  • This week, according to Search Engine Land, Google’s Matt Cutts released a video about the top five SEO mistakes that webmasters make. Advises Cutts, “Include the right words on the page. Think about what the user is going to type and type those words. You don’t want to just type ‘Mt. Everest elevation,’ you want to type ‘How high is Mt. Everest, because people are going to type ‘How high is Mt. Everest.”
  • Another tip he gives is to focus on compelling content and marketing – not just link building or search engines. From there, make sure you remember to pay attention to your title and description of your most important website pages. The more interesting a title, the greater the chance a visitor will click on it. He also recommends not using webmaster resources, but instead, learning all you can about SEO and using Google as a reliable resource.
  • And the biggest SEO mistake that webmasters make? Not making your site crawlable, or having no domain at all. Says Cutts, “There’s a ton of business who don’t actually have a website…that’s a big problem.”

Twitter Ads Are Finally Available To All US Businesses, No Longer Invite Only

  • According to TechCrunch, after three years of slow roll outs and testing with specific partners, Twitter’s Senior Director of Product for Revenue Kevin Weil just announced the general availability of its advertising options for all US businesses. Businesses don’t need an invite any more. Weil revealed the move on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt, which could ramp up revenues and prep Twitter for a widely anticipated IPO.
  • Weil explained on stage, “As most of you guys know, the Twitter advertising platform has until today has been invite only. We’ve had brands and agencies, thousands of small businesses using the platform but all on an invite-only basis. Today we’re taking the next step and opening up Twitter ads to everyone in the US. Every brand, every business, every account, every individual.”
  • With so many businesses now competing for followers, the ability to pay for extra visibility can make the difference between obscurity and prominence. Meanwhile, direct advertisers with things to sell online can capitalize on Promoted Tweets to get extra clicks to their shopping pages. The ads rollout means the microblogging platform can start more seriously competing with other social outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn for ad dollars. Some expect Twitter to hit $950 million in revenue in 2014, largely from ads. While once seen as a niche service for techies, Twitter has grown into a core way the world communicates about their opinions, media, and current events.


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