Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 29 – June 2

Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 29 – June 2

Google Launches Total Overhaul Of E-Commerce Analytics In Beta


  • According to Marketing Land, Google is testing a “complete revamp” of its Google Analytics E-commerce aimed at providing insights into the entire customer journey, not just the purchase itself.
  • New metrics include: product detail views, ‘add to cart’ actions, internal campaign clicks, the success of internal merchandising tools, the checkout process, and purchase.
  • It’s also possible to build audience segments directly from funnel reports to analyze user actions like cart and product page abandons. Funnels are available at the device category level.

Microsoft and Salesforce Strike New Partnership


  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Salesforce late Thursday announced a partnership integrating some of their enterprise products and, presumably, easing the burden of those businesses that are customers to both vendors.
  • The agreement will let Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 customers access Salesforce from their Windows devices. The two companies will create new interoperability between Salesforce and Microsoft’s Office 365.
  • The partnership could be welcome news to enterprise customers who are increasingly growing tired of the difficulties integrating clouds from different vendors. One CIO said in recent weeks that he’d opted to write his own software rather than hassle with trying to connect different clouds.

Facebook News Feed Tweak Downplays Auto-Sharing

  • According to Information Week, Facebook announced a news feed change this week that will tone down automatically shared posts from applications, so if you don’t care about which photos your friends liked on Instagram, the songs they listened to on Spotify, or the DIY projects they pinned on Pinterest, you’re in luck
  • Facebook has recently encouraged developers to eliminate auto-sharing—or at least to make it opt-in. Last week, the company started by disabling the automatic sharing of likes, comments, and posts from Instagram.
  • Moving forward, Facebook will deemphasize these implicitly shared posts — which will soon appear only on your profile — in favor of ones that you deliberately share, such as articles from news sites, photos from Instagram, and songs from Spotify.
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