Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 24-28

Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 24-28

Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting, Twitter Amplify For Real-Time Videos In Stream

  • According to TechCrunch, Twitter this week made the latest push in its bid to cozy up to Madison Avenue and the world of big-budget advertising, by tapping more into the kind of mainstream mediums where advertisers like to spend their money. This week the big focus is TV and your living room.
  • In New York, the company announced Twitter Amplify, a way of bringing real-time video into the site, with initial partners including the broadcasters BBC America, FOX, Fuse and The Weather Channel. And it also announced TV ad targeting, one of the first fruits of the company’s acquisition of BlueFin Labs. Twitter says it will be able to determine where and when an ad ran on TV, as well as track those who have subsequently tweeted about the ad and the TV program that it ran against.
  • Twitter has been making increasingly strong moves this year to get its platform to be more ad-friendly (and revenue-friendly). The company is banking on a crucial stat as the leap of faith that this will all work: it says 64 percent of mobile-centric users on Twitter use it in front of the TV at home. For now Twitter’s targeting service will be available only in the U.S.

Is a Yahoo-Owned Tumblr More Attractive to Brands?

  • According to AdAge, like a host of other brands, Yahoo has a millennial problem, and its acquisition of Tumblr could be a step toward fixing it. But will new ownership help Tumblr with one of its biggest problems — drawing major advertisers?
  • All Things D on Sunday morning reported that the Yahoo board unanimously approved the deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion. For CEO Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo, the deal checks many boxes: social, mobile, content and buzzed-about native ads, which Yahoo recently introduced to its home page. The acquisition gives Tumblr “an opportunity to expand their ad packages, and it certainly helps them with the sheer organizational needs of ad sales,” said Paul Gunning, CEO of Tribal Worldwide.
  • Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer, whose agency is one Tumblr’s preferred partners, said he thinks about the site much more as a marketing solution for brands that are savvy about publishing content than as a standard advertising vehicle. Tumblr has been building its ad platform in its slow and methodical way, and recently introduced ads to users’ feeds on mobile devices only. But it may not be building it fast enough to suit an ad revenue-driven media company that’s under intense pressure to deliver for Wall Street — especially at a $1 billion price tag.

Twitter Just Added Lead Generation To Twitter Cards, This Could Be Big

  • According to The Next Web, Twitter unveiled the Lead Generation Card this week, a new expandable tweet format which allows users to show their interest in a particular discount or offer that’s being promoted by their favorite brand.
  • When a user expands the tweet, they’ll see a description of the offer, as well as a small button underneath that will allow them to instantly send their basic contact information – name, Twitter handle and email address – to the brand or business in question. All of the information is pre-filled within the Twitter Card based on the users’ existing account settings, thereby avoiding the often tedious process of filling out an online form. As soon as the button is clicked, the information is sent securely to the account that sent out the offer.
  • The idea is to give businesses more opportunities to discover new customers, and also reduce the amount of time spent between spotting an offer on Twitter and actually paying for the product or service online. It’s also far more sophisticated than the act of simply following an account on Twitter, or ‘liking’ a brand’s page on Facebook. The Lead Generation Card gives businesses and marketers a simple and direct means of finding new customers and ultimately more business.
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