Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 17-21

Weekly Digital News Roundup: May 17-21

Twitter Vines Get Shared 4x More Than Online Video

  • According to AdWeek, unruly Media’s research reveals that branded Vines are shared four times as often as branded Internet videos. The tech company also discovered that 4 percent of the top 100 shared Vines were made by brands. Comparatively, according to the New York-based firm, only 1 percent of Top 100 viral online videos were the work of brands.
  • Unruly today released those data points and a bevy of others in commemoration of Vines turning 100 days old, collecting stats from over 10 million Vines during a one-month period. For instance, social media schedulers should take note of this finding: Vines are tweeted more during the weekend than all of the weekdays combined. Also, between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. ET is when Vine activity peaks.
  • “This data can really help brands determine a strategy for using Vine in their marketing efforts,” Matt Cooke, Unruly co-founder, said in a statement. “We have already seen brands like General Electric, Adidas, AT&T, Volvo, PepsiCo and GAP adapt to the platform.”

Lawmakers Show Concerns About Google’s New Glasses

  • According to the New York Times, eight members of Congress on Thursday formally demanded that Google address a range of privacy concerns about its new wearable technology device, Google Glass. The letter, addressed to Larry Page, Google’s chief executive, outlined eight questions for Google and asked for a response by June 14.
  • “We are curious whether this new technology could infringe on the privacy of the average American,” the letter said. “Because Google Glass has not yet been released and we are uncertain of Google’s plans to incorporate privacy protections into the device, there are still a number of unanswered questions.” The glasses, which are not yet for sale to the public, connect to the Internet and allow people to do things like take photographs, record and watch video, send text messages, post to social media sites and read text snippets. They have already raised privacy concerns on issues like unwanted recording.
  • The group, for which Representative Joe Barton, Republican of Texas, is a co-chairman, asked questions including how Google would collect and store data from the devices, how it would ensure that it did not unintentionally collect private data, how Google would protect the privacy of people not using Glass when they are with people using it and whether the device would have facial recognition technology. In a statement, Chris Dale, a Google spokesman, said, “We are thinking very carefully about how we design Glass because new technology always raises new issues.”

YouTube Finally Makes Some Videos ‘Shoppable’

  • According to Mashable, marketers have long been experimenting with “shoppable” videos, partnering with third-party technology providers to allow viewers to click on, say, a handbag in a music video or a lipstick in a makeup how-to to pull up product information and even make a purchase. Now, Google is releasing a “channel gadget” that brings some of that functionality to YouTube.
  • Here’s how Google describes it, per a blog post published Wednesday: “To shorten the path to purchase and translate video views to sales, today we’re introducing a new channel gadget on YouTube that will enable consumer goods brands to connect consumers directly with retailers throughout the entire YouTube experience. This new channel gadget will enable shoppers to seamlessly move from browsing how-to videos and featured products to finding which retailers carry them, check availability, compare prices and make a purchase, all with fewer clicks than today.”
  • Viewers can now click on the products used in the demo videos for more information and to buy from a selection of retailers. Google says that the new gadget will be made available as a “premium offering” for its consumer good clients, and is asking advertisers to seek out their respective Google representatives to explore the option. Google does not take a cut of sales made through the gadget, a spokesperson for the company said.
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