Weekly Digital News Roundup: March 21-25

Weekly Digital News Roundup: March 21-25

Facebook Reportedly Slashing Organic Reach for Pages 

  • facebook_logo2According to Adweek, Facebook is reportedly slashing organic reach for Pages, a move that could have a sweeping impact on brands that have spent big on the social platform as well as local companies that have worked hard with limited resources to develop often modest fan bases.
  • Organic reach will be reduced to 1 percent or 2 percent, according to Valleywag, citing an anonymous source “professionally familiar with Facebook’s marketing strategy.” Valleywag did not get a comment from the social net, but CNET said Facebook confirmed that marketers will see the organic reach of Page posts decline over time.
  • “Over the past few months, we have been having conversations with clients about declining organic distribution in News Feed. This is largely due to more competition driven by more sharing,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNET. 

Tumblr Signs Exclusive Advertising Deal with Viacom for the Upfront Season

  • According to The Next Web, Viacom [this week] struck an exclusive advertising partnership with Tumblr to serve “co-branded content campaigns” with its partners across the blogging platform during the upfront season.
  • It’s the first advertising partnership that Tumblr has signed with a television programmer, and Viacom will be the only network group that’s able to deliver co-branded campaigns throughout the upfront season.
  • Only a few days ago, Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer was toting the potential for Tumblr as an advertising platform. As AdWeek reports, she said the average sponsored post on Tumblr is reblogged 10,000 times, while the average user-created post is reshared 14 times. “So, there’s really an amazing amount of reach,” she said.

Report: Native Advertising Flourishing (Especially In Social)

  • According to WebProNews, it’s no secret that native advertising has been on the rise. According to a new report from eMarketer, it has been “flourishing” across social media channels, content portals, news sites, video-sharing sites, and streaming services. It’s giving a great deal of the credit to the growth in mobile use of all of these types of services.
  • eMarketer reports, “For media publishers, native advertising represents an opportunity to reverse the tide of flat or declining revenues. eMarketer estimates US print ad spending will decline from $32.16 billion in 2014 to $31.29 billion in 2018. Digital ad spending on newspapers and magazines will increase to $8.41 billion by 2018, from $7.48 billion in 2014, but these gains will still leave the industry essentially flat for the forecast period. With these numbers as a backdrop, it’s easy to see why media companies are so eager to create new revenue streams through native ads.”
  • One very interesting takeaway from the firm’s research, as Ad Age points out, is that native ads are actually helping display sales.
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