Weekly Digital News Roundup: June 5-9

Weekly Digital News Roundup: June 5-9

60% of Consumers Use Mobile Exclusively to Make Purchase Decisions


  • According to Search Engine Watch, new research from xAd and Telmetrics has shown that up to 60 percent of consumers used mobile exclusively to make a purchase decision in the categories of telecom, restaurants, auto, and entertainment.
  • One in four users studied said they utilized a mobile device on the entire path to purchase, from research, to comparison, to conversion.
  • With 2014 data showing 10.6 billion online visits made on a smartphone versus 5.8 billion on a PC, the report cited that device usage varied by time of day and search category.

Online TV viewing skyrockets 245 percent


  • According to the Phoenix Business Journal, number of Americans watching television via the Internet is up a whopping 245 percent since last year.
  • Use of gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One increased by more than 500 percent.
  • But online TV consumption isn’t just coming from other devices already in the living room. Adobe’s report also found mobile viewership is growing.


Vodafone Reveals Direct Access by Governments to Customer Data


  • According to The New York Times, number of governments have the ability to tap directly into the communication network run by the British telecommunications company Vodafone, a level of surveillance that elicited outrage from privacy advocates when the company disclosed it on Friday.
  • Vodafone said that it had received thousands of requests from 29 countries in the 12 months through March 31. But the report also said that governments in certain countries had direct access to its networks without having to use legal warrants.
  • Vodafone said that it would not name the individual countries that have direct access, which includes the ability to listen in on phone calls and read text messages, because doing so may put its employees and business at risk in those places.


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