Weekly Digital News Roundup June 19-23

Weekly Digital News Roundup June 19-23

Top Search Ads Found to Increase Brand Awareness

  • According to Search Engine Watch, the results of a new study found that search ads do in fact have a positive impact on brand awareness.
  • Traditionally, the value in search advertising has always been centered on increases in click-through rates and conversions. However, this new research by Google found an 80 percent lift in top-of-mind awareness between the control and test groups.
  • The consumers were prompted to search for a specific category keyword (for example, “hiking boots” or “small cars”) on their desktop or laptop. They were then shown either a control search engine results page (SERP) or Test SERP spotlighting one of the 12 categories

Fire Phone Immerses Users in Amazon’s World

  • According to the New York Times, Amazon on Wednesday announced a device that tries to fulfill the retailer’s dream of being integrated into consumers’ lives at every possible waking moment.
  • The device is a cellphone, but making calls on it got almost no attention at all at the event in Seattle where it was unveiled.If the device works as described, and Amazon entices even a small portion of its 250 million active customers to buy one, the Fire could accelerate Amazon’s already intense competition with other retailers and tech companies, not to mention heightening some of its current battles with suppliers.
  • The Fire’s product recognition feature, Firefly, “is potentially a real threat to bricks and mortar retailers,” said Rebecca Lieb, an analyst with the Altimeter Group. “Scan a product or listen to music, and you’re delivered straight to the page on Amazon on which you can purchase it. Impulse shopping just went to a new level.”

An App That Only Lets You Say ‘Yo’ Just Topped Facebook’s Slingshot on iOS

  • According to Mashable, the big news in the social messaging space this week was supposed to be Facebook’s release of Slingshot, its latest attempt to take on Snapchat. Then something unexpected happened.
  • Hours after Facebook released Slingshot on Tuesday afternoon, the Financial Times published an article about a new app called Yo that simply lets users send the word “Yo” or “YoYo” to their contacts — and which has received $1 million in funding from angel investors. That was enough to trigger dozens of baffled articles about the app, and apparently, plenty of downloads.
  • Yo cracked the top 150 free apps in Apple’s App Store on Wednesday night amid all the press coverage and continued to rise in the rankings overnight. On Thursday morning, Yo was ranked No. 47 in Apple’s App Store, surging ahead of Slingshot, which is ranked at No. 50.
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