Weekly Digital News Roundup: January 31 – February 4

Weekly Digital News Roundup: January 31 – February 4

Facebook Opens up Its Social TV data

  • urlAccording to The Next Web, Facebook [this week] announced a partnership with UK-based social TV analytics company SecondSync. The two companies will work together to help marketers understand how people are using the social network to talk about topics such as TV.
  • The partnership is a big deal because it means Facebook’s social TV data will be made available outside the company for the first time. In two weeks, SecondSync plans to share initial results in a white paper titled “Watching with Friends” with a full analysis of how people are using Facebook to engage with TV.
  • The whitepaper will encompass “a range of programs” in the US, the UK, and Australia. It will also consider patterns by genre, by demographic, and by device, as well as how the social network is used before, during, and after the broadcast.

AdWords Patent Infringement Costs Google Big Money

  • According to Search Engine Watch, the court in Virginia has ordered Google to pay a royalty for all AdWords advertising revenue to Vringo for patent infringement, for infringing upon two patents it owns. Google is appealing the judgment, which could be worth billions of dollars.
  • In 2012, Google and its advertising partners were ordered to pay $30 million plus an ongoing royalty for licensing of patents. This week, the Virginia judge, Raymond Jackson, set an ongoing royalty rate of 6.5 percent on part of the AdWords revenue, which was significantly higher than the 3.5 percent royalty that was the jury’s recommendation.
  • At this time, it isn’t clear exactly how much Google will be on the hook for if the appeal is unsuccessful, since Google doesn’t report on earnings from AdWords specifically. However, it is believed that Vringo will get more than $1 billion from it.

Twitter Launches Card Analytics To Let Publishers Monitor Impressions, Clicks And More

  • According to Tech Crunch, in a move that could give brands and publishers more insight into what to tweet, Twitter is rolling out Analytics For Twitter Cards. The dashboard shows impressions, URL clicks, and app installs of a publisher’s tweets and mentions by other users, as well as easy ways to measure favorites, retweets, and follows. If Twitter can teach publishers how to create better content, the service as a whole will become more informative, engaging, and monetizable.
  • Twitter has provided a basic analytics tool for all users since June, though many people don’t know it exists. But Twitter card publishers and advertisers will gain access to the new in-depth analytics dashboard over the next few days, and developers can check out details on how it works on the documentation page.
  • Analytics For Twitter Cards also provides dedicated stats for your own tweets, and the ability to track how your follower account has increased over time. It even provides demographic breakdowns of location, gender, accounts your followers follow, and their top interests such as “mobile” or “open source”.
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