Weekly Digital News Roundup: Jan 23 – 27

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Jan 23 – 27

Google’s Latest Update: Panda 3.2

  • Google has recently confirmed reports of a rumored update to its Panda algorithm. Never fear – it’s just a minor change which encompasses a simple data refresh.
  • Rumors of an update began circulating when webmasters commented on their rankings, some of which regained their pre-Panda traffic levels. Going along with the concept of a data refresh, Google likely updated sites which should or should not have been affected by Panda.
  • It’s interesting to note that this update coincides with the company’s recent privacy policy revision. Google could be trying to garner more credibility by fixing ranking issues – what are your thoughts?

Twitter’s Brand Pages Borrow from Facebook

  • On February 1st, Twitter will introduce enhanced profile pages. This change will allow brands to build iFrame environments, thereby encouraging gaming and shopping without forcing users to leave their Twitter page.
  • If that concept sounds familiar, it’s because Facebook uses the same format for its brand profile pages. The update is an element of Twitter’s Q2 product rollout plan and is designed to encourage more users to interact with a greater number of Tweeting brands.
  • But does anyone really use the iFrame gaming, shopping, and other features on Facebook brand pages in the first place? I never saw them as something useful or necessary. What about you?

Google Updates Privacy Policy

  • In case you haven’t heard (which is pretty impossible, at this point), Google has updated their privacy policy. Basically, the company has condensed its 70 privacy settings, which were spread out across all of Google’s products, into one mega policy.
  • Google’s policy encompasses information sharing and how they use the info you provide, enforcement, and security. Basically, the policy’s crux is that Google will continue to use your information to place ads, as long as they have your consent.
  • This condensed privacy policy is another step in the company’s focus on maintaining transparency, and I appreciate the document’s readability. Way to go, Google.


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