Weekly Digital News Roundup: February 28-March 4

Weekly Digital News Roundup: February 28-March 4

Google Acquires Spider.io to Combat Ad Fraud

  • Google_logo_transparent 1According to CNet, Google wants to assure advertisers — who help float its revenue boat — that their ads are actually reaching their target audiences. To further that mission, it said Friday, it has acquired a company called Spider.io.
  • Spider.io, which was founded just three years ago, provides a fraud-fighting service aimed at ensuring the accuracy of advertising metrics. Google didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but said that it plans to integrate Spider.io’s service into Google’s display and video ads immediately. Google will then build out Spider.io’s platform to improve the general understanding of the people advertisers are targeting.
  • Ultimately, Google wants to make as iron-clad as possible the relationship between the metrics it provides to advertisers and the actual number of people who are viewing its ads — a task that might prove more difficult than one might think. 

Facebook Ads Get Even More Targeting Options

  • According to WebProNews, Facebook announced that it is about to begin rolling out improved “Core Audiences” targeting options, which are built into all of its ad buying interfaces. These will allow advertisers to target “precise audiences” based on location, demographic, interests and behaviors.
  • “Say you’re a retailer that wants to show ads to people that live near your brick-and-mortar locations,” Facebook explains in a blog post. “With flexible location targeting, you can build campaigns around any combination of geographies: country and city (France and London), country and state (Canada and New York), state and city (California and Las Vegas), state and ZIP code (US only), etc. It’s also easier to exclude certain areas — i.e., New York City, except 11211, or the UK, excluding Cambridge.”
  • Finally, Core Audiences is getting a new targeting option in behaviors, which includes Partner Categories. This enables marketers to target users based on things they purchase and the devices they use.

Twitter Launches ‘Twitter Marketing Platform Program

  • According to WebProNews, Twitter announced the launch of the Twitter Marketing Platform Program, a new brand encompassing its network of partners – both through its Ads API and in measurement and targeting.
  • “The companies in our new Marketing Platform Program have helped their clients reach new levels of success by improving their clients’ direct response, branding, and live initiatives across multiple verticals,” says Tony Wang, VP of Global Revenue Partnerships and Development at Twitter.
  • Twitter (also) plans to expand into more countries. This comes as the Twitter Ads API turns one year old
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