Weekly Digital News Roundup: Feb 19 – Feb 23

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Feb 19 – Feb 23

Google Now Warns You Before You Visit Sites That Contain Harmful Downloads

  • According to the Search Engine Land, Google hasupgraded their security checks to not just warn you before you download harmful programs to your computer but also to warn you before you visit a site that has these downloads.
  • Within Google search, before you click to a web site that has such harmful downloads available on it, Google will warn you to stay away from the site. Google has warned users before they visit sites with malware, that are hacked or have other exploits but this is the first time Google is warning about sites with harmful downloads.
  • Google applied this not just to the organic search results but also to the AdWords listings and Chrome browser.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Silicon Valley’s Women in Tech

  • According to The Huffington Post, yesterday in Silicon Valley, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at the Lead On Conference for Women, was hosted byWatermark Institute, a community of executive women in the San Francisco Bay Area developing women leaders and advocating for the advancement of women in the workforce.
  • The tech industry, a notoriously male-dominated profession, is making some strides in advancing women’s leadership. Last month, Intel, the lead sponsor of the event, made a commitment to significantly increase hiring, retention and progression of women and underrepresented minorities in their workforce over the next five years, while measuring and reporting their progress annually.
  • While there have been some strides, there is still a significant gender gap in Silicon’s Valley’s tech industry. Companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn lag tremendously when it comes to women’s leadership. While Facebook boasts Sheryl Sandberg as their COO, men hold 77% of the top-level leadership positions, with women at just 23%. At Google, the top-level leadership is 79% male and just 21% female. “Building a diverse talent pool can’t just be a nice thing to do. It is a must do,” said Secretary Clinton. “When women’s participation is limited, our country’s prosperity is limited.”

Real-Time Marketing Winners and Losers From The Oscars

  • According to Marketing Land, When it comes to real-time marketing, everything is not awesome and that was certainly the case during the Academy Awards telecast last Sunday night. With no major meme-producing moments like 2014′s record-setting selfie, brands had to generate their own viral energy.
  • Dove and Lego did very well. Dove’s campaign against negativity set a positive tone for the evening by using the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful to turn the tide against the 5 million negative tweets about beauty and body image it says women posted in 2014. “The Lego Movie” wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature, but by passing Lego models of the Oscar statue to several key people in the Academy Award audience, the company scored prominent television screen time.
  • But the worst misstep came from DiGiorno Pizza. The famously irreverent Twitter account tweeted, “THE OVENS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF PIZZA again #2015Oscars” during the tribute for the 50th anniversary of “The Sound of Music.” That film, of course, tells the story of a family fleeing Nazi-held Austria during World War II and the allusion to ovens brought to mind the Holocaust to many.
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