Weekly Digital News Roundup: December 20-24

Weekly Digital News Roundup: December 20-24

Instagram Ads Work, Advertisers Say

  • instagram-cropAccording to Mashable, six weeks after Instagram began running ads on its platform, some results are in. They give a pretty positive — although incomplete — picture.
  • On Nov. 1, Instagram began running ad campaigns from 10 advertisers, including Adidas, Burberry, Michael Kors, Ben & Jerry’s and Levi’s, among others. The Facebook unit Thursday released results from the latter two advertisers plus two unnamed advertisers. Among the findings: There was a 32% incremental lift in ad recall per campaign for people who were repeatedly exposed to a particular campaign versus control groups.
  • That means if you saw an Instagram ad for a new product, like Ben & Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch ice cream, you were 32% more likely to remember that product than those who had not seen the Instagram ad. There was also a 10% incremental lift in brand message awareness per campaign for people who saw an ad or ads compared to those who didn’t.

 Facebook Tests Auto-Play Video Ads

  • According to Mashable, Facebook’s long-awaited and, for many, long-feared auto-play video ads are here. The company announced Tuesday morning that it’s testing such ads in the News Feed with a handful of advertisers.
  • In a blog post, Facebook also notes that videos you see on mobile will have been downloaded in advance via a Wi-Fi connection — when available — so it won’t affect your data plans. Just a “small number” of Facebook users will begin seeing the ads this week, according to Facebook.
  • The new unit has been rumored since last year and was originally supposed to appear in summer 2013, but was pushed back a few times. Prices for a 15-second auto-play video ad are said to range from $1 million to $2.5 million.

Twitter Opens its Conversion Tracking Tool to All Advertisers Using Promoted Tweets

  • According to The Next Web, Twitter is releasing to the general public a new way for advertisers to better monitor their budgets and efforts. The microblogging platform company announced today that a conversion tracking tool is now available to better monitor impressions and engagements from Promoted Tweets.
  • How it works is that advertisers would launch a Promoted Tweet campaign and then insert a “purchase” conversion tag onto their confirmation page. When a user clicks on the link in the Tweet, they will make their purchase and it will register on Twitter’s analytics program.
  • As Twitter continues its growth as a public company, it’s not surprising that the conversion tracking tool is now available. After all, advertisements is perhaps one of its biggest sources of revenue and customers are always looking to measure their campaign’s success based on what their Return on Investment (ROI) will be.
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