Weekly Digital News Roundup: Dec 25 – Dec 29

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Dec 25 – Dec 29

How To Recycle Your Gadgets After the Holidays

  • According to theLA Times, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only about 10% of used mobile devices, for instance, are recycled each year. So what can be done with your 32-inch television when you’ve upgraded to a 47-inch?
  • Take it to Best Buy: Best Buy runs one of the most comprehensive electronics recycling programs in the nation. It collects more than 400 pounds of products for recycling every minute their stores are open. The company accepts most electronics; those that can’t be refurbished or resold are recycled.
  • Let Gazelle reuse your devices: Gazelle pays for used gadgets and sells them to new customers. You find the item on a list on their site, answer a few questions about its condition and get an offer. If you accept, you choose how you would like to be paid (check, PayPal or Amazon gift card) and can ship your device to them for free.
  • Find a recycling location near you: Go online and find a location that you can send your old electronics to or drop them off.

 Promoted Pins Set to Make Debut to All Partners

  • According to Marketing Land, come January 1st, there will be more than just a new year, but new opportunities for marketers as well. In 2015 Pinterest is bringing their reservation-based (CPM) Promoted Pins out of beta for all partners. This release won’t include the auction-based pins purchased on a CPC basis. According to Pinterest they are “making tweaks to the product and want to make sure we get it just right” before rolling out the auction-based ads.
  • Along with the announcement of the forthcoming release, additional astounding information was released on the effectiveness of the Promoted Pin program. Not only did the Promoted Pins perform as well as the organic Pins, but many times performed better. The average organic Pin was repinned 11 times and that held true for Promoted Pins as well, if not higher, according to Pinterest. Those advertisers not only saw the impressions that they paid for, but also an additional 30% of earned media due to the extra exposure. Promoted Pins saw an extra 5% in earned media the month after the campaign, showing the true power of discovery.

Snapchat’s New Year’s Eve “Our Story” Will Be Its Biggest Yet

  • According to TechCrunch, Snapchat is preparing to launch its biggest “Our Story” feature yet this New Year’s Eve, documenting worldwide celebrations using curated user photos and videos from cities like New York, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Russia and more. The company says it expects to process hundreds of hours of footage to create this New Year’s Eve collaboration, which will be in the live section of the app for just 24 hours before disappearing.
  • Though still best known as being a private mobile messaging app, Snapchat has been expanding its focus into broader social sharing in recent months. This summer, it branched out with the launch of “Our Story,” a new feature which offers a more public way to view content shared across its network. The feature itself was a spinoff from Snapchat “Stories,” which allows individual users to string together a series of snaps from the past 24 hours into one narrative.
  • Snapchat doesn’t reveal its internal metrics, but reports have stated that the social app hasmore than 100 million monthly users – far higher than previous estimates from third-party firms like comScore, which earlier pegged the app as having just 27 million users in June. The app is also reportedlythe #3 app among millennials, and has long since passed critical mass among those aged 18 to 24, where it now sees 50% penetration, comScore has said.
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