Weekly Digital News Roundup: Aug 21-25

Weekly Digital News Roundup: Aug 21-25

Sony Network Hacked, Exec’s Flight Diverted

  • According to the Washington Post, hackers on Monday attacked Sony’s PlayStation Network and apparently disrupted the travel plans of a top company executive by going on Twitter to suggest that there was a bomb on his American Airlines plane. American cut short the Sony Corp. executive’s flight on Sunday and made an unplanned landing in Phoenix.
  • The PlayStation Network’s online services were unavailable from Sunday through Monday afternoon Tokyo time. While Lizard Squad tweeted that it was responsible for the outage, Sony spokesman Satoshi Nakajima said it remained unclear who was behind the attack.
  • Sony said no personal information was stolen in the incident. Hackers orchestrated a so-called denial-of-service attack against Sony, which involved overwhelming the company’s gaming network with fake visits so that legitimate users couldn’t get through.

Google Buys Zync

  • According to the LA Times, Google beefed up its cloud-computing platform Tuesday by acquiring Zync Inc., a Boston-based firm that specializes in visual effects rendering through the Internet.
  • Zync’s technology, called Zync Render, enables companies to render visuals through the cloud, letting artists create imagery without having to own and maintain a render farm. Since Zync formed nearly five years ago, its technology has been used for numerous movies, including “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”
  • Google did not disclose a purchase price but said Zync would be integrated into the Google Cloud Platform, which is used by companies to host their work on Google’s servers rather than their own. Among Google’s clients are several app developers, including Snapchat and Rovio, the company behind the “Angry Birds” franchise.

Snapchat Valued at $10 Billion

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has agreed to invest in the fast-growing ephemeral message service Snapchat Inc. at a valuation of close to $10 billion, people with knowledge of the matter said.
  • Snapchat, which has talked to several potential investors in recent months, is in the process of raising a large investment round that would make it one of the world’s most valuable private tech startups despite virtually no revenue.
  • Kleiner, one of Silicon Valley’s best-known venture-capital firms, committed to invest up to $20 million in May, one of
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