Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 30 – May 4

Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 30 – May 4

Facebook Rolls Out “Offers”

  • Following a limited test period, Facebook is launching its Offers marketing platform to local businesses in the United States. Facebook Offers stands in stark competition against Google Offers, Groupon and LivingSocial.
  • A Facebook rep said that any U.S. business could run an Offer free of charge on Facebook’s self-service platform. Unlike other deals-based services, Facebook reports that the company will not take a sales cut for redeemed vouchers, which is a pretty attractive selling point for small budget businesses.
  • When Facebook user claims an Offer, his or her friends will see an ad in their news feed and an action will be posted to the user’s Timeline. Check out their video below for a neat introduction.

Tumblr’s Ad Suite is Uber-Exclusive

  • We’ve reported before that blogging platform Tumblr is getting serious about making money, but some newly-released details suggest that the company is trying to maintain its hipster flair without having to sell out. Tumblr’s advertising products, Radar and Spotlight, will only be open to approved advertisers and media companies who are willing to pay a cool $25,000 package commitment.
  • Tumblr’s appeal is its 55 million user base, which has exploded since the platform first launched five years ago. The company promises advertisers thousands of new followers, likes, and reblogs through promotional advertisements – as long as they’re willing to get a little creative. The steep package price is designed to attract only serious advertisers who are willing to properly contribute to the Tumblr experience.
  • What is the “Tumblr experience?” The blogging platform features a host of creative artists, as well as high quality fashion, culture and photography blogs. It follows that would-be advertisers must be able to fit in with Tumblr’s aesthetic through creative and visually appealing ads and content. It’s exclusive, but it’s also fascinating and a great way for the company to avoid angering its huge user base.

Google Releases April Updates

  • Google has recently posted a list of 52 changes that affect search results. This list is worth a look because of the crazy SEO changes that occurred in April, including Panda updates, the Penguin update, and the whole issue with parked domains.
  • Perhaps the biggest news is that Google increased the size of its base index, the collection of web pages and documents it shows as search results, by 15%. The company has also announced numerous updates that relate to how documents are ranked, changes to site links, and changes related to local/geo search results.
  • Read the whole list at Google’s official blog here.
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