Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 30 – May 4

Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 30 – May 4

Microsoft Edge: Internet Explorer is dead… but can you actually tell the difference?

  • According to The Guardian, it’s official, Microsoft has killed off Internet Explorer, its new browser will be Microsoft Edge. It announced the new name as part of its Windows 10 presentation at its Build developers conference in San Francisco.
  • Edge is meant to giveMicrosoft a clean break from the negative connotations attached to the Internet Explorer brand by millions of people forced to use old, decrepit versions on work computers.
  • Although for some business customers, Internet Explorerisn’t totally dead. It will live on for many of Microsoft’s customers as the centerpiece of much software as a services packages, often required by administrative applications and point of sale. For the consumer, however, Microsoft wants to rebrand around a faster, leaner and more advanced new browser platform. It will be the default browser for all Windows 10 devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones, and will feature integration with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant similar to Google’s Now and Apple’s Siri.

Apple’s Beats Music deals are now under FTC scrutiny

  • According to Business Insider, Apple’s move to line up deals with record labels is under US antitrust scrutiny as the iPhone maker prepares to debut a new version of the Beats Music streaming service citing people familiar with the matter. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is examining whether Apple is using its position as the top seller of music downloads through its iTunes store to put rival music services like Spotify at a disadvantage, according to Bloomberg.
  • Though apps like Spotify and Pandora pay record labels for their “free” music (and then recoup that by selling ads), record labels believe the practice has the long-term effect of teaching consumers that they need not ever pay for music. Vinyl, CD, and iTunes-style digital download sales have all collapsed as consumers have switched listening habits in the past few years to favor free, ad-supported streaming.
  • So far, we haven’t heard Apple’s side of the arguments. People are assuming that Apple would love to gather artists and labels around its new product and have them launch first or exclusively with Apple in a way that would make all of them money. That would have a distorting effect on free streaming, leaving Apple open to the accusation that it uses its dominance of the iPhone business to hurt companies in the streaming world.

Dave Goldberg, Survey Monkey CEO And Husband Of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Dies Suddenly

  • According to Huffington Post, David Goldberg, the CEO of Survey Monkey and the husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, has died. He was 47. Goldberg rose to prominence in the tech industry in the 1990s, founding a company by the name of Launch Media in 1994, which he sold to Yahoo in 2001. He stayed on at Yahoo for six years, and then joined Benchmark Capital, where he served as an entrepreneur in residence.
  • In 2009, he headed to Survey Monkey and built it into a billion-dollar company, growing the staff from 14 to what it is now 500. He had just celebrated his sixth anniversary at the company.
  • Goldberg had died from a treadmill accident while on vacation in Mexico with his family last week.
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