Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 2 – 6

Weekly Digital News Roundup: April 2 – 6

Yahoo Lays Off 2,000 Employees, Lays Out New Vision

  • According to Reuters, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson will lay out his vision for the company next Tuesday. His goal: to deliver a coherent and convincing plan before Yahoo loses its battle for relevancy.
  • 2,000 company layoffs were announced earlier this week. In an effort to reassure employees, Thompson reportedly said that a streamlined organizational structure will better enable Yahoo to compete in the future.
  • Based on the search outsourcing deal with Microsoft, there are still around 1,8000 staffers for search. Reuters reports that Thompson’s new plan will focus on three areas: “core media and communications,” “platforms” and “data.” But will it be enough to bring Yahoo back into the search game?

Local Web Ad Revenue To Rise 21% In ’12

  • NetNewsCheck.com reports that local online advertising revenue is expected to grow 21% in 2012 and could soon push past newspapers if it continues its growth spurt through 2013, according to Borrell Associates’ new Benchmarking Local Online Media: 2011 Revenue Survey. Borrell also predicted that local online could surpass newspapers as soon as next year.
  • From the article: “The report also found that commerce-related sites made up 12 of the top 15 online media companies in 2011. The commerce-focused pureplays continue to dominate the local online ad scene, with a 46% share of the market according to Borrell. Newspapers are a distant second at 25%.”
  • Though some of the large newspaper publishers struggled to bring in local online ad revenue in 2011, the news wasn’t all grim for print. Gannett was up 9%, and many smaller newspaper companies saw 15%-20% growth last year.

Mobile Paid-Search Budgets Up, Marketers Adapt To Medium

  • According to IgnitionOne, mobile search accounted for 12.3% of the total search advertising budget in Q1. The digital marketing report found that mobile clicks rose 246.1% year-on-year. While impressions jumped 119.9% and ad spend rose 221.1%, both experienced slower growth in the first quarter.
  • MediaPost reports that “the digital ad firm attributes much of the mobile search activity to tablet devices. The sector now accounts for 67% of the total mobile search advertising budget in the quarter. Tablet click-through rates (CTR) of 3.1% came in higher than PC rates at 2.5%.”
  • Roger Barnette, president of IgnitionOne, said it took time before marketers realized that paid-search advertisers would adapt well to the mobile model. Now, many have begun to realize the natural fit between mobile and search. Marketers should only expect the trend to accelerate in the coming year, writes Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost.


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