Weekly Digital Roundup : MAY 7 – MAY 12

Weekly Digital Roundup : MAY 7 – MAY 12

Google Replaces SEO Report With Search Console Report

  • According to Marketingland, Google Analytics has updated their integration with the Google Search Console Search Analytics report. Soon your “Search Engine Optimization” report under the Acquisitions tab will be replaced with a “Search Console” report. The data is being pulled from the Google Search Console and now shows you both Google Analytics and Google Search Console metrics in parallel.
  • Google said, “Each of these new reports will display how your organic search traffic performs when measured by any of these dimensions… As data is joined at the landing page level, Landing Pages, Countries and Devices will show both Search Console and Google Analytics data, while the Queries report will only show Search Console data for individual queries. The same search queries will display in Google Analytics as you see in Search Console today.”
  • This means that instead of just seeing the acquisition data, i.e., impressions, clicks, CTR and average position, you will now also see behavior metrics and conversion metrics, including new metrics such as sessions, bounce rates, page/session and your conversion metrics, including e-commerce data.

Facebook Wants You To Find More Groups

  • According to Mashable, Facebook is testing a “Discover” feature within the Groups section, making it easier to join conversations. A new tab will let you browse public and closed Facebook Groups by category, including Groups your friends are in and local Groups. You can see what’s gaining traction in your circle, and in your city.
  • Discover offers 25 different categories such as parenting, sports, food, buy & sell, networking, animals & pets, hobby & leisure, support & comfort and travel. Each topic page highlights the top suggested Groups based on popularity and who you may already know that’s a member.
  • Previously, you would have to type keywords into the search bar to find related Groups or wait until you were invited to join one by a friend. While only a select group of people have the feature right now, Facebook announced it will roll out more broadly in the near future. Beyond Facebook’s news feed, Groups is the most-used feature within the app with one billion users each month.

Google Launches Gboard – The Google Keyboard

  • According to TechCrunch, Google launched a new application for iOS devices called Gboard that puts the power of Google search directly into your mobile device’s keyboard. This keyboard had been rumored to be in development earlier this year, and it appears the original reports were accurate. Not only does the app allow for an easy way to use Google search, it also offers swipe-based typing, access to GIFs and includes common keyboard functions, like emojis and word predictions.
  • The most interesting feature of this keyboard is its direct integration with Google’s services. By tapping the included “G” icon, you’re able to immediately search Google without exiting your keyboard and launching a browser or the Google app. This allows you to easily search for things like flight times, news articles, restaurant and business listings, weather and more right from your keyboard, then just tap to paste that information into your chat.
  • Gboard is an important launch for Google as today’s consumers spend the majority of the time on their phone using native mobile applications. Of course, allowing Google to become deeply integrated with your keyboard raises some questions around data retention and privacy. The app allows you to clear your search history and your personal dictionary, but this presumably only affects the locally installed app. The new app is now available in English only and is a free download on the iTunes App Store.
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