The Best Blog and Newsletter Recommendations From a Digital Agency

Team members from Lucid, our digital agency team, talk newsletters and blogs.

The Best Blog and Newsletter Recommendations From a Digital Agency

Newsletters and blogs — hey, like this one! — are essential for staying current on trends. Without our team actively reading these resources, our digital agency would be operating in a bubble that only pertains to our own experiences. Thanks to the digital era, our team is able to stay informed on new technologies and marketing trends through newsletters and blogs.

We asked around our digital agency office for recommendations and the team didn’t disappoint. From business news to UX design, you’re bound to find a blog or newsletter of interest from this list.


Creative Morning’s Weekly Highlights
Topics: Creativity

Most weeks, you won’t know what to expect on this newsletter, besides the fact that the content will include thought-provoking and unexpected concepts and ideas to get creative. Often times, this includes linking to a talk from someone inspiring. Fittingly, this recommendation comes from our Creative Producer, Lauren Jordan.



The Hustle
Topics: News [Business, Digital]

It’s difficult to not love a newsletter that takes you to a webpage that explains the office-wide buzzer and the accompanying excitement that happens when you click “subscribe.” The writing is cheeky yet informative and the topics are timely. Recommended by Liz Coppinger, our Senior Business Analyst.




Topics: Design, UX

Another recommendation from Lauren Jordan, our Creative Producer. Some people — okay, okay: me. It’s me —get a kick out of the creative CTA copy they have on the buttons to read more on a subject. They also do a great job on their content mix: a newsletter can contain items like guest articles, tips on how to implement a design concept, and inspirational designs.




Think With Google

Topics: Technology, Business

Just what you’d expect from the minds behind Google: articles that are timely and often infused with technology. The content is easy-to-read and no frills, which is perfect when you’re waking up with your morning coffee or need a break after that intense brainstorming session. This recommendation comes from Ryan Schuster, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Lucid.




Topics: SEO, Marketing

Jess, a digital marketing specialist at Lucid, explains this newsletter as “…a great resource for SEO-related content. They are a well-known and respected company/publication in the industry and release articles and posts that help marketers stay up-to-date with trends and updates in the search engine world. They also have a host of different tools for marketers to use to improve rankings and provide insight. My favorite Moz offering is their weekly ‘whiteboard Friday’ blogs and emails. They bring up a popular question and provide strategic insights and informative tidbits that are relevant and useful!”




Grammar Girl

Topics: Writing

For answers you didn’t even know you had questions to, Grammar Girl provides grammar advice in bite-sized pieces. A recommendation from yours truly.


We hope these recommendations from staff across our digital agency are helpful! What are some of your favorite blogs and newsletters to follow? 

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Karli is a Content Specialist at Lucid Agency. In her spare time, you can catch her groovin’ to 70s tunes, practicing yoga, or reading a new book.

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