Twitter Woos Advertisers with Big Mobile Audience

Twitter Woos Advertisers with Big Mobile Audience

Peter Kafka at All Things D recently got his hands on slides from the deck Twitter is sending to advertisers. Its message is clear: Twitter is the way to go if companies want to reach people using mobile phones.

Here’s the chart: 

55% of Twitter’s audience accesses the service using a mobile device, which makes sense. The Twitter app is user-friendly and built around quick text blurbs, making it perfect for phone scrolling. On the other hand, Facebook has too much stuff going on for it to gain a huge mobile audience, especially since many of its features are lost or difficult to navigate on most mobile devices. Trying to do much of anything Facebook related on my Blackberry is a headache and a half, but that’s beside the point.

In any case, Twitter’s 55% mobile audience is huge compared to Facebook’s 33% and hints at the company’s movement into a real, $1 billion a year business. Twitter won’t talk publically about its ad-selling efforts, but the presentation Kafka talks about in his article on All Things D provides a general breakdown of they’re doing to pitch the service to big companies.

Some of the things Twitter is emphasizing include the platform’s positive mobile presence (unlike other social media websites, a la Facebook) and new tools to refine an advertiser’s target audience. Right now, Twitter only offers advertisers a handful of interest targeting tools, but its new features (currently still in the works, according to the grapevine) would provide advertisers the tools they’re looking for – and help provide Twitter with the big advertisers they need to move forward.

What are your thoughts about Twitter’s big business plan? Let us know in the comments.

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