Yahoo! Image Search Adds Sharing, Continuous Scrolling

Yahoo! Image Search Adds Sharing, Continuous Scrolling

Taking elements from Google and Bing, Yahoo’s image search has experienced an upgrade and the overall result is…pretty handy, actually.

The Image/Video Search product team writes in a post on the search engine’s official blog:

“Yahoo! Image Search now provides the ability to share any image through Facebook and Twitter. By clicking on the image from the search results page, users can browse effortlessly through full-size images via the desktop browser and share with their preferred network of family and friends.”

Essentially, users can now scroll through image results in a pop-up window like Bing allows, but in Yahoo! Images, the results are displayed larger and the overall effect is a lot more streamlined. Facebook and Twitter share buttons are now present, allowing users to quickly share an image with others.

Here’s an example of what the new pop-up window looks like:

Another practical upgrade categorizes results by “Top Images,” “Latest,” “Galleries,” and “Facebook.” Google, on the other hand, only allow images to be filtered by subject. Bing’s filters provide the most customization, but Yahoo! Images appears to be the most user-friendly.

I’ll be honest: I haven’t used Yahoo’s search engine since high school, and my forgotten Yahoo email account is probably full of spam and advertisements by now. However, I’m really in favor of these upgrades because it could make the difference between spending ages sifting through Google’s results and quickly finding the perfect image on Yahoo’s new Images layout.

What do you think about the latest upgrades to Yahoo! Images? Let us know in the comments.

Scott Kaufmann
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