The Great Debate: Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat

The Great Debate: Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat

At the beginning of August 2016, Instagram debuted its very own “Instagram Stories,” a new feature that unabashedly mimics the ultra-popular Stories by Snapchat, where users go to share what is happening moment-to-moment in their lives. It offers the same streaming feed for users to observe others’ posts, and the similarities just continue from there. This launch sparked a great debate among bloggers, brands and consumers alike. Which should I post to? Should I delete one or the other? What platform better suits my brand?

These are all valid questions, but we have yet to receive any concrete answers. So, let’s take a look at this objectively.


The Similarities

  • Both Snapchat and Instagram offer the option of sharing quick snaps, or 10-second videos.
  • All images and videos featured on each platform’s “Stories” have 24-hour life spans before disappearing.
  • Both platforms allow users to add text and emojis to posts.
  • Both platforms provide tools for doodling on and adding personality to posts.
  • Filters are provided on both platforms, but the variety differs.


Instagram Stories: The Pro’s

  • A strong base. Most of us already have a large following on Instagram, and in most cases, much larger followings than we have on Snapchat. So, leveraging this platform makes sense.
  • It simplifies things. Instagram can now do two things in one place. While Snapchat is purely a 24-hour platform that only serves temporary content, Instagram allows a mix of both temporary and permanent content on your feed.
  • Instant Replay. Instagram Stories allow us to navigate back to a previous story with a click of a button, while Snapchat forces us to re-watch the entire story again to catch a glimpse of something we might have missed.


Snapchat Stories: The Pro’s

  • Filters taken to another level. Yes, both platforms offer a variety filters, but how do they stack up? With geofilters, face-mapping features, and motion filters (slow motion, fast-motion or even reverse-motion), Snapchat fills all the gaps that Instagram Stories is currently missing.
  • A loyal following. Filters or no filters, Snapchat fans are diehards. According to Huffington Post, “43% of people say they would delete Snapchat if Instagram Stories adds filters, but the other 57% would remain loyal to original platform.”


The Verdict

Interestingly enough, I originally wrote this blog post in favor of Snapchat, but as the month drew on, I found less to complain about Instagram Stories and more to rave about. If you are slow to warm up to new things like I am, don’t discount this new platform without giving it a fighting chance. Play around with it a bit and I think you will come to find, as I did, that it is extremely user-friendly (all it needs is a little more flavor).

That said, Instagram Stories and Stories by Snapchat are both excellent ways to connect with followers on a more personal level. So, which should we stick with? Since Instagram Stories is in the very early stages of its rollout, we can only imagine what will come next. This recent introduction does not have to mean making a choice between one platform or the other—don’t abandon Snapchat just yet.

One thing we know for sure is that a war has been ignited; one that will consist of upgraded filters, unlimited font colors, and more stickers than we will know what to do with. Knowing these two brands, we are sure that the competition ahead will be fierce, and we will surely reap the benefits. We’ll check back with you as we see how things pan out in the very near future!

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