QR Codes 2.0

QR Codes 2.0

Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks. Our new summer intern has taught us a few things.  While I was entertained to learn “how college kids get their software now-a-days”, i.e. the new method of software sharing and piracy, it was his insight into QR Codes that we found quite enlightening.

During a discussion about QR Codes, he informed me that despite the Japanese loving technology just for the sake of technology, the “real reason” the Japanese love QR Codes is not because of the QR Code itself, nor because it’s cool technology. It actually has to do with necessity. As it turns out, domain names and subsequently email addresses are quite long over in Japan. Too long to just tell someone and have them remember, nor easily fit on a small business card, scribble down in a meeting or tell someone quickly in passing. So the Japanese have adopted the use of QR Codes in many circumstances because they can convey their name, phone number, website domain and other relevant contact information more easily like this than via a lengthy written out version. So for the Japanese, the QR Code is more about convenience and simplicity. In America, it’s more about technology.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog article about how QR Codes had promise for certain uses, but they often left behind the brand, the message and the opportunity to remember. So eventually in America, without critical necessity, there is a possibility they will fade into “digital coolness retirement”. But again, our intern, taught us something new. Take a look at this below.

Lucid Agency QR Code

He created this QR Code for us and it has our logo right in the middle. Now, there’s a bit of a twist. If you can actually incorporate your logo into a QR Code, it takes on a bit of a more engaging form of digital sorcery. Maybe we won’t give up on this old dog quite yet.


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