Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 8-12

Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 8-12

Mobile Drives LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates

  • According to MediaPost, LinkedIn is early in shifting from traditional display ads on its site to ads that run in users’ news feed ads. Its Sponsored Updates ad unit is off to a promising start after being launched widely in July.
  • Similar to news feed ads on Facebook, Sponsored Updates have higher click-through rates — especially on mobile, which currently accounts for two-thirds of ad sales for the new format, according to the report by JP Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth. Monetizing mobile is of increasing importance to LinkedIn, with about a third of its traffic now coming from devices.
  • To further enhance engagement, LinkedIn last month also launched a redesigned Pulse app that will tap into a user’s profile to provide personalized content recommendations. Pulse draws on content from 1.5 million publishers and uses algorithms to match headlines to professionally relevant selections. As a consequence, “the site drives a significant amount of traffic to long-tail publishers,” the report stated./li>

Google Launches ‘Search Network with Display Select’ Ad Campaign Type

  • According to WebProNews, Google has launched a new campaign type called Search Network with Display Select, which lets advertisers get in front of users on Google itself and other sites.
  • “Search Network with Display Select extends the reach of your search campaigns to the Google Display Network (GDN),” explains product manager Ahmad Anvari in a blog post. “The GDN reaches 90% of the global online audience and includes 2 million publisher sites, like weather.com. Upgrading existing search campaigns to Search Network with Display Select is easy. In a few steps and without extra work, you could gain 15% more customers by showing your ads at the right moments across search and the web.”
  • Google says the new type offers better results on the display network than the old Search & Display option. “Search Network with Display Select uses improved signals and methods of predicting when and where your ads are likely to perform best, and sets a higher bar for when to show them,” says Anvari.

Twitter Shines Under the Glare of Frenzied IPO

  • According to ClickZ, Twitter has finally arrived, bearing a new stock symbol and loads of cash to prove it. The company lit up the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) [on Thursday], closing its first trading day with a value of nearly $25 billion. Not bad for a company with zero profits.
  • After sending investors and the advertising industry at large all atwitter, company stock closed at $44.90, giving it a 73 percent increase over its initial public offering (IPO) price of $26. Twitter stands to raise as much as $2.1 billion from the effort, but the dramatic single-day rise in value from its IPO price also suggests the company left some money on the table — at least in the short term.
  • “Just going public and being the media darling of the planet for a day or two is going to certainly drive more adoption,” [says Eric Johnson, founder and chief executive of the Los Angeles-based agency Ignited.] “They’ve built something pretty amazing. In our world, we do a lot of marketing to the young audience and this kind of short-form dialogue is the language of that generation. I think they’re in the right place at the right time.”
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